Trevor time in Milwaukee??

I apologize for the lack of blogging the last few days…I’ve changed shifts at work so there was a slight adjustment.  Now, let’s forget that-and get down to business.

This is the story (rumor) I’ve been waiting for.  I hope it’s not another hot stove whisper.  I hope this one’s for real (sorry Kaybee). 

Brewers GM Doug Melvin has stated he’s making the signing of this dude his #1 priority.
trevor hoffman pic.jpg                                         TREVOR FREAKIN’ HOFFMAN!!

ATTN:  BASEBALL GODS-Please make this happen.  Please?
I’ve been a good fan…really, I have! 

Guess who else is in the running for Hoffman?
dodgers_logo.jpgYeah…seeing that logo does not make me too optimistic.

But, before I get too down so soon after I was so high up…

This guy needs to come to Milwaukee.  Give him his two year deal and let’s get this thing done, already! 

GM Melvin states Hoffman will probably know where he’s playing by later today (WED.)

I know Hoffman has three boys and is from California…BUT…
Milwaukee’s a pretty decent place.  Just ask Jake Peavy, err…not really.

Forget that.
We’ve got a winning team and we can guarantee Trevor will be our closer.

I hope this is not another case of driving up the price just to sign with another team-like the Dodgers.

Besides, the Dodgers already have a closer-Jonathan Broxton (you know, the big fella with the really big **** and tight pants).

I could get used to seeing this in Milwaukee…



  1. Jane Heller

    Wow, it’s hard to know what the Padres are doing these days. Are they shopping players or aren’t they? Same with the Dodgers. I can’t decide if they’re in the Manny hunt or not. Anyhow, I hope you get Trevor if he’s on your wish list. (Sorry, Kaybee. I just want everyone to be happy.)

  2. Kaybee

    Oh man, now you’ve made me go and cry!! I going to miss him so much it’s insane!!!! I really hope he goes to you guys though and not the Dodgers. Oh man. I can’t believe he’s actually practically leaving!!! I need a tissue…

  3. happyyoungster

    the Padres are definitely rebuilding. The Dodgers are going for it. The Brewers just seem to be pedestrians, although this signing could be the jumpstart!

    We need a closer!!

    I hope you liked the Trevor Time video, at least!


  4. happyyoungster

    What if I were to promise to provide lots of pictures of Hoffman throughout the Brewers ’09 season on this blog-just so you don’t lose touch? Would that help?


  5. happyyoungster

    it’s a deal.
    it’s been a challenge, but at least I now have Trevor Hoffman to help me through!
    I felt the same way. I still can’t believe the Padres did that-he was still playing well!
    I would love to! I’ll go over right now.
    Sure makes it easier when it’s your team, though!


  6. saints20

    Hey Happy, How do you think Hoffman will do in 09 as a brewer, maybe touching Kolb’s save mark?

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