4/9/10 @ Miller Park

Like a total *******, I forgot my camera…
I guess you all have to take my word for it.
I’ll warn you in advance, though…there’s not much to speak of.

This game was a last minute decision.
So, I went early and grabbed a seat on the Bullpen Patio in Friday’s Restaurant.

BP was pretty slow until Rickie Weeks stepped in.  What happened next is sorta bizarre.
Weeks hits a long fly ball in my direction.  I run to my right to put a play on it.  I quickly realize that it is hit too far over my head.  It appears as if it’s going to land in the Harley Deck above the Bullpen Patio.  When I realize I don’t have a play, I cover my head in fear of the ricochet.
Wanna guess where the ball bounced?  Yup…off the metal facing of the Harley Deck way above my head.  Wanna guess where the ball bounced next?  Yup…right off my head.
Damn…it really didn’t hurt but it sure was embarrassing.  There was nothing I could do.
I was helpless on the play.

Ball #1 was hit into the netting above the bullpen by Brewers 3B Casey McGehee.
It rolled down to my table and stopped.  Perfect!  I quickly flung my glove trick over the railing and soon had it reeled in for my 1st ball of 2010.

The Cards soon came out to hit and it became increasingly crowded.
I played the top of the bleachers for the Holliday/Pujols/Ludwick group.
I love Tony LaRussa.  He puts the three righty sluggers all in the same group.  Almost as if to say, “here you go, fans…catch a ball or twenty.”  Unfortunately, I only had a true play on one batted ball.  Matt Holliday jacked one to the top of the left field bleachers where I ran over and made the play on the fly.  Yup, it still felt good.

That was it on the day, people.
I didn’t ask for any baseballs and left with two.

I told you it was nothing much…


  • 2 total balls 4/09/10

1 batted baseball (caught on fly)

0 tossup baseballs

1 device baseball


4/5/10  = 0 baseballs
4/9/10   = 2 baseballs



  1. zackhample

    Oof…I forgot my camera once, but I still made the entry pretty (ish) by using player profile pics and also by photographing the baseballs when I got home. Anyway, nice of The Wife to let you go. Hope all’s well with you and your family.

  2. happyyoungster

    Time is few and far between.
    Everyone is well…thanks buddy.

    I believe the ball went back onto the field. Not sure-it happened pretty fast. No bumps to report-I’ve got a hard head. Ha!
    Thanks for the kind words.


  3. stock350

    Hey man…

    Ive been reading up on your blogs about Wrigely Field. Im headed there in a week or so, and I was wondering if you had any tips for me. Like where the umpires leave the field, what can I expect there, and where are the hot spots to ballhawk at?

    Any help will be appreciated.



    You can email me at Stock350i@yahoo.com

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