Colby Rasmus

This past season, I managed to snag two (2) of Colby’s game jacks.  For all the mathematicians out there, I own approx. 1/8 of his 16 career MLB dingers. 

Well, last month I was able to get the two home run balls signed for my collection:

Rosemont Sports show Colby Rasmus signing with Kenny 004.jpg

Colby signs career HR #5.


Rosemont Sports show Colby Rasmus signing with Kenny 005.jpg

Career HR #11.

He seemed genuinely interested in the home run baseballs. 

That big guy in the green shirt (pictured above) asked me where I bought the game home runs from.  I told him I didn’t buy them…I snagged them!

When I told Colby what career # each one was and which stadium they were hit in, he remembered the pitchers who served them up right off the top of his head. 

One final pic…
Rosemont Sports show Colby Rasmus signing with Kenny 006.jpg

Colby Rasmus was a nice kid.  I’ll certainly be rooting for him.




  1. padreleigh

    I love it when people don’t believe me when I tell them I actually caught the home run ball they’re signing. They’re like, “You did?”. Fans close by never believe either….but I know the truth and it’s good enough for me.


  2. txfilmmkr

    Two on the sweet spot, huh? Was that a Steiner event or what? When I got him last year he said he couldn’t sign on the sweet spot so I figured he was under contract with one of the big memorabilia houses.

    Donny in Houston


    ARE YOU KIDDING? Colby Rasmus is a jerk straight up. Last year in Houston I was one of three people standing out front and he walked by and i asked him “Mr. rasmus will you sign my card” and he flat out said no didn’t say anythng and walked almost in to me as i was trying to get out of the mad man’s way.

  4. txfilmmkr

    stonehooksfan, we’ve probably crossed paths before if you’re a Houston guy. I usually try to catch each team at least once, maybe twice per trip when they’re arriving at the stadium. Except for the Cards, when I was there every time they came or left trying to get Pujols last year, which I did finally as he was leaving after the game one night.

    When I got Rasmus, it was inside MMP along the 3B line between BP and the game. He seemed pretty nice about it. He signed a ton of autos, but didn’t sign the sweet spot for me or any of the other guys around because he’s under contract with one houses like Steiner. But I know how players can be when arriving and sometimes they will just run you over or pretend to talk on the phone….. Carlos Zambrano and Kosuke Fukudome, I’m looking at you two!

    Donny in Houston

  5. heartruss

    Manny Ramirez actually threw a ball to me but I was afraid I would get hurt so someone caught it for me and gave it to me. I also was hit in the arm with a line drive foul ball which broke my watch and almost my wrist so I am really careful now. So I give you much credit for catching those balls.

  6. Elizabeth D

    Sweet deal, Happy! Baseball players have an amazing memory for that type of thing. I was amazed when I was talking to Michael Bowden (pitching prospect) and he remembered the most minute details about his starts! Rasmus must have been genuinely impressed.

  7. cougar914

    hey man my name is nick pelescak from pittsburgh, i just started doing a blog on here, thats awesome that you were able to get some game time home runs signed, good work in the ballhawk league last year

  8. cookandsonbats

    Happy! Just read the comments on Jabs’ page. BIG TIME CONGRATS on No. 3! Awesome, dude! However, remember you can always strap on of those kids on your shoulders and head out to the ballpark!

    On another note, I should mention we’ll be seeing the Brewers in Anaheim this season. Hopefully your man, #8, will find my glove in the LF seats.

  9. happyyoungster


    I had a busy offseason with the family and now I’m ready for some baseball. Let’s get it on!


  10. jerseyboy

    Hey Nick,
    Hope you remember me from Chicago (US Cellular) last year (August 17th vs. KC). I’m planning a trip to Milwaukee in the middle of May (14-16). I’ll be at Miller Park the 14th and 16th, and I’ll be at Wrigley the 15th and 16th (Sunday Day at Wrigley, night at Miller). Hoping to catch up with you while I’m there. Let me know, you can email me at


  11. happyyoungster

    Of course I remember you!
    I’m not sure if I’ll make any of those games…dammit!!
    If anything changes, I’ll certainly let you know.



    Everyone has a bad day and it is very unfair to judge the kid (Colby Rasmus) from a single instance of refusing to sign a card. He is a great kid with a great future so please stop hating! You may just have better luck with your auto signing next time! – Jordan

  13. stock350

    Im not hating on Colby Rasmus here. But the three times Ive met him he could be a little more polite. My first meeting with him was outside the stadium. He drove up and I flagged him down for an autograph. He stopped, and signed, and then drove in. At that point I thought he was at least nice enough to stop to sign autographs. So I was grateful to say the least.

    The second time I met him was at Winter Warmup that year, and he was very withdrawn. Like he didnt want to be there. If a baseball player isnt smiling, and at least pretending to have a good time at these kinds of events then they need not to show up. Everyone is there to have fun and meet their favorite player. Albert Pujols was reported to have been the same way last year.

    The third time was again outside the stadium and he stopped for other fans but very unpleasant. People greated him with “good lucks” and ” we love yous” but not a word or even a smile from Rasmus.

    Im not hating on baseball players. Ive met plenty and most have been unpleasant meetings. A lot of baseball players arent excited to meet fans, sign autographs or take pictures with anyone. But there are a lot that have fun with it.

    If you ever have the chance to call to Roger McDowell for an autograph on the field just brace yourself for an attitude.

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