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Collecting autographs over the years…a few tales.

Now that the old ballgame is firing back up again, I’ve been going
through a few of the baseball autographs I have amassed over the
years.  I’ve always enjoyed collecting autographs.  I guess it’s for
the same reason why I enjoy ballhawking so much.  It sort of brings you
closer to the game.  Gets you involved, in a way.

autographs I have obtained come with their own interesting story.  Many
are not so interesting.  Either way, collecting has always been fun. 
Who knows, maybe someday my kids will enjoy them the same.

Here’s a few with more to follow…

Todd helton.jpgRockpile Ranter, this Rocky Mountain throwback is for you.

was walking out of old Milwaukee County Stadium after a game.  We would
always hang around after the game and goof off (we didn’t have anywhere
to be and we loved being around the park).  I spotted Todd in
plainclothes walking to a cab.  We approached him and kindly asked for
his autograph.  Todd was holding a big cup of beer.  So, he says to my
brother, “hold this” and hands him the cup of beer.  Then proceeds to
sign our baseballs. 
What a cool dude.  He’s always been one of my favorite hitters. 

Todd Helton signed baseball.jpg
trevor hoffman pic.jpgThis guy is so cool…I’m stoked he’s on my team.  During the 1999
season, he was wearing my Brewers floppy hat at County Stadium for
about 20 minutes during Batting Practice.  It all started when I asked
him if we could trade hats.  I wanted his gamer hat for my collection. 
He tossed his hat up in the bleachers to me and said, “if my hat fits
you, you can have it.”  I tried it on and it barely fit on half my
head.  He said, “see, I’ve got a pinhead!”  I tossed his hat back to
him and he signed a baseball for me instead. 

One cool dude.

Thumbnail image for Trevor Hoffman signed baseball.jpg
tom arnold.jpgNot a baseball player but a big fan of the game.  This guy is hilarious.

met him when the All Star Game came to Milwaukee in 2002.  He was doing
“The Best Damn Sports Show” right behind my right field bleacher seats.

he best known for being married to Roseanne?  Whatever the reason, he
was cordial to me the day he signed the baseball pictured below. 

Tom Arnold signed baseball.jpgCURT SCHILLING
curt schilling.JPGI
was standing above the Phillies dugout at County Stadium when he popped
out.  I asked him if he had time to sign a baseball.  He said, “when I
finish warming up.”  Now, I’ve heard this a million times before. 
That’s a nice way to say not right now I hope you forget. 
Well, about 30 minutes later, he comes running off the field toward
me.  When he gets about 15 feet from me, he puts up his hands as if to
say, toss your baseball here. 

He was a man of his word. 

Curt Schilling signed baseball.jpg

More to come…