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Forget snowballs…bring on baseballs!!

The time has come…
no more waiting.
no more counting down days.
no more watching old Packers game tapes from the 1990’s to get me through winter.
no more cabin-fever.
no more anticipation.

The boys of summer are officially back.

I’m honored to share this wonderful day with all of my fellow baseball lovers across the U.S.A. (and Honest Abe, too).  Happy 200th, BTW.

The annual rite of spring has arrived.  Crack out the lumber and the pine tar.  The bases and home plate.  The cowhide and the ballcaps. 

But, most importantly…bring on the ballplayers and their devoted fans.  Without fans to fill the seats, the ballplayers and their respective teams mean nothing. 

I hope and pray the 2009 season is fulfilling for me, personally.  I have my goals in place and I’m ready.  For me, it’s been a helluva long offseason. 

Coming off their first postseason appearance in 26 long, agonizing years, the Milwaukee Brewers look to encore last season’s triumphant return to the playoffs with the entire offensive roster coming back fully intact.

Here’s my projected 2009 Brewers lineup:

1.  Rickie Weeks (by default)
2.  J.J. Hardy (the most underrated SS in all of baseball)
3.  Ryan Braun (absolute freak)
4.  Prince Fielder (signed and looking in shape)
5.  Corey Hart (you better rebound, buddy)
6.  Mike Cameron (take a few pitches, wouldya?)
7.  Third baseman (whoever wins this job, his name better not be Bill Hall)
8.  Jason Kendall (I’ll take his weak bat for that defensive prowess)

Here’s my projected 2009 starting rotation:

1. Yovanni Gallardo (one of the top young pitchers in the game-remember his name)
2. Braden Looper (great signing)
3. Manny Parra (young lefty stud would be perfect in the 3 spot between righties)
4. David Bush (workhorse)
5. Jeff Suppan (where’s that 2006 Cardinals form?)

I admit, before Looper was signed, I wasn’t feeling warm and fuzzy all over.  It’s amazing how one relatively low-key signing can change all of that.

I think we’re ready. 
I’m sure-as-hell ready!

Here’s to lots of home runs by the home team coming my way…!

Days left until “Happy” reports to Spring Training…