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Goals for 2009

resolution (noun) 1.  Firm determination.  2.  An act of resolving to do something.  3.  A course of action determined or decided on.

(noun) 1.  The objective toward which an endeavor is directed.  2.  The finish line of a race.

I prefer to use goal as the choice word when looking ahead to what I would like to accomplish.
While I hardly plan on 2009 being my finish line, I do have a few choice endeavors for ’09.

Here are a few:

  Be the best father and husband a wife and little girl (boy very soon, too!) could ask for… because there’s always room for improvement.

2.  Squeeze the aforementioned healthy baby boy come end of January…because good health is the greatest gift.

3.  Always be there for my family…because everyone needs protectors. 

4.  Snag 150 baseballs/7 game home runs by the All Star Break.  300 baseballs/14 game home runs by season’s end…because this would set personal records.

5.  Catch a milestone game home run…easier said than done, but they’re fun!

6.  Make a new friend each day…because who couldn’t use more friends?

7.  Take lots of baseball road trips…I might visit your city!

8.  Limit bad decisions…we all make ’em.  I just want to keep them at bay.

9.  Re-model my wife’s bathroom…I use it too, but let’s face it-it’s her’s!

10.  Watch lots of MLB Network…speaking of-you’ll have to excuse me…

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                                       What goals do you have?