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Check out my new t-shirts

So, if you’ve watched the youtube videos I’ve provided on this blog, you may know a little of the history behind my yellow-shirted ballhawking prowess. 

In case you missed those entries…click here for my Channel 12 interview.
Click here for my interview on Fox.

Those interviews kind of explain the history.

Alright…my shameless self-promotion is completed.

It’s time to unveil the new “Happy Youngster” shirts I will be wearing for the 2009 baseball season.

I designed the logo myself and my good friends over at the
Milwaukee Shirt Guys
created them for me.

Thumbnail image for HAPPY YOUNGSTER SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!.JPGIf you see a guy running after fly balls in Batting Practice (capitalized because it’s so damn important) like his pants are on fire, check to see if he’s wearing this shirt…it’s probably me!! 

And when that crazed maniac finally stops running when Batting Practice has concluded, come over and say “hello.”

Every great ballhawk needs a consistent look…easier to recognize. 
Mine just happens to be yellow!

So, whaddya think?