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Packers Fan Fest the best fest

I’m back home and settled in.  My new autographed stuff has been put away. 
My brother Jon and I had a blast once again.
I’ve kissed my children and my wife and now it’s time to post some pics. 
Take a look.

Without further ado…
Collins Kampman & Crosby @ Packers Fan Fest 031409 006.jpgHere’s a picture of Packer Pro Bowl defensive lineman AARON KAMPMAN at his autograph table.  Aaron signed a Packers mini helmet for me.  A true gentleman.

Collins Kampman & Crosby @ Packers Fan Fest 031409 009.jpgHere’s Packers Pro Bowl Safety NICK COLLINS signing a mini helmet for me.  Congrats on your 1st Pro Bowl, Nick.  Hopefully, many more to come!

Gordon Red Batty @ Packers Fan Fest 031409 004.jpgSome of you may know that I’m a huge Packers equipment collector.  Jerseys, gloves, cleats, etc.  Anything I can get my hands on.  Well, above I’m pictured with the best equipment manager in all of the NFL- GORDON “Red” BATTY.  I had just finished watching “Red” put on an equipment clinic for fans when we posed for this picture.

Thanks for the informative demonstration, “Red!”

Kevin Greene @ Packers Fan Fest 031309 001.jpgPictured above is future NFL Hall of Famer KEVIN GREENE.  Kevin is one crazy dude.  He played crazy and now he gets the opportunity to coach crazy-for my Green Bay Packers.  Kevin signed the Carolina Panthers mini helmet shown in the picture.

Jerry Kramer signing print.JPGHere’s former offensive lineman JERRY KRAMER signing my print depicting the most famous play in NFL history.  “The Lombardi Sweep.”  ‘Nuff said.

Leroy Butler @ Packers Fan Fest 031309 002.jpgHere’s former Packers All Pro Safety LEROY BUTLER signing my 16×20 photo print.  LeRoy needs some fan-player interaction training.  I’ve met this guy numerous times over the years and he thinks his sheet don’t stink.  I can’t dig that.
Oh well, they all can’t be nice.

Ryan Grant signing cleats @ Packers Fan Fest 031409.jpgCurrent Packers running back RYAN GRANT signs my game used cleats.  Sweet..!

Willie Davis signing mini helmet.JPGBig ol’ WILLIE DAVIS signs my mini helmet.  Willie is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  It was an honor to meet you, Willie!

What a great weekend…Go Packers!