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Happy Turkey Day…a time to be thankful.

I’m truly thankful for so many reasons…without further ado.

   I’m thankful for having a beautiful and understanding wife.
   I’m thankful for having a happy, healthy daughter.

Clara 2year pics 004.jpg                                      Plus, a son on the way.

 I’m thankful for having a steady job that allows me to help others.
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I’m thankful for my hometown baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers.

                                 I’m thankful for home run baseballs.
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     I’m thankful for the Patron Saint of Police Officers – St. Michael.
st michael medal.jpg

    I’m thankful for living in a nation where I can be free and proud.
american flag.jpg

I’m also thankful for:  Military personnel, people with good manners, leaders, modern medicine, teachers, food on my table, waking up each day, role models, clothes on my back, playoff baseball in Milwaukee, bulletproof vests, a stadium with a roof, dependable vehicles, great parents, peace and quiet, snowblowers, bleacher seats, sunny days, strong faith, MLBlogs frontman Mark Newman and last but not least…

Each and every one of you in the MLBlogging network. 
Without you reading this, I’m just talking to myself (which I do anyway, but you know what I mean).

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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