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Ballhawk League

I’m proud to say I have officially become a charter member of a new Ballhawk League.

Erik, over at COUNTING BASEBALLS blog, has come up with this great idea.
It’s a league comprised of ballhawks nationwide. 
The goal?  To collect as many baseballs as possible during the 2009 season. 
I’ve already planned on doing this, but, this makes it a bit more fun. 
Now, I can do it competitively against ballhawks around the nation.  How cool is that?

Like I needed any motivation, right? 

Here’s how I would like to see the ballhawk league structured:
(nice and simple)

Don over at THE ROCKPILE RANT, suggested a point system.  I’m down with that.

  • 10 POINTS – awarded for every game home run snagged.  It should not matter how you retrieve a game home run.  It’s the only one on earth hit by that actual player, on that particular day, for that exact career # home run.  It’s an official baseball statistic that will be recorded in every stat book until this world is destroyed by nukes.  It’s rare, people!  And it should net the lucky recipient exactly 10 points, regardless of method retrieved.  As long as that fan was the first to obtain possession of the home run ball.    (no buying game home runs)
  • 5 POINTS – awarded for every game ball snagged.  It should not matter how you retrieve a game ball.  If it was put in play, it should be recorded that way.  Whether you caught it in foul territory, had it tossed to you by a player after the 3rd out in an inning or asked an umpire at the conclusion of the game…if it’s rubbed with the mud it stands.  Again, as long as that fan was the first to obtain possession of the game ball.
  • 3 POINTS – awarded for every Batting Practice ball caught on the fly.  If you catch a BP ball on the fly, you should be rewarded with 3 points.  It takes a bit of skill to catch a BP ball, it should have a higher value than a toss-up.  As long as that ball left the bat and the next thing it met was your glove, it’s worth three. 
  • 2 POINTS – awarded for toss-up baseballs.  It’s fun yucking it up with the players.  It also takes a set of skills to get a player to toss you a baseball.  Especially when you’re too old, the wrong gender and don’t have D cups.  These count as official snagger statistics and should be credited accordingly.  Two, I say…two!!
  • 1 POINT – awarded for all other baseballs retrieved.  This would include (but not limited to) baseballs retrieved through some sort of device, trickery, scheming, luck, etc.  Ever find an easter egg just laying there in the bottom row of a bleacher?  Of course!  You were the first fan to obtain possession of it…it counts as an official ballhawk statistic…a player didn’t throw it to you…you didn’t catch it…so what?  It should count for something, right?

As much as I like getting autographs, I think it makes this a tad more complicated to grade.  I’m open to ideas, but, I think autographs need to sit this one out.

I agree with ZACK HAMPLE that there may need to be some sort of attendance factor recorded.  At the very least, it should be recorded as a side statistic.

I also believe each member of the ballhawk league must have his/her own blog to record his/her official statistics.  It’s free and easy. 
This will give each member his/her very own forum to display official statistics. 
It gives each member credibility, it helps ERIK-our founder calculate the stats and takes away any confusion in relaying information.

I also think each ballhawk league member that is a parent to small children should be rewarded because of this.  Like, 5000 one-time bonus points awarded for each kid that’s under 3 feet tall.  Also, each ballhawk league member that’s married should be awarded a one-time bonus point value of, let’s say, 500,000 points ;-0 

Okay, on a serious note…
This league is based on trust.  We’re all ballhawks.  We’re all in this thing together.  There’s no prize…just bragging rights.  Don’t be stupid and lie your way through this. 
There’s no honor in that. 

What do you think?