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7 Days of Spring series coming soon 3/27-4/2…stay tuned.

Only 10 days until I arrive in Phoenix. 
It’s getting close. 
I can feel it. 
I need to be on top of my game.  For the sake of ballhawks everywhere, I need to perform.

Old faithful (my old glove) is ready. 
My new faithful (new glove) is not quite ready.  Just doesn’t feel right…yet.  It will.
My bags are slowly getting packed.
Visualization of ballhawking is in full swing. 
I’m ready.

I will provide daily blogs.  I will provide daily photos.  I will provide daily everything. 
From where I go to eat to what I go see.  Not just baseball.
You will be right there with me-if you choose.

Beginning March 27th and going until April 2nd, you will be my blogger travel partners. 
Please visit my Spring Training blogs daily.  You won’t be disappointed.
Analysis is gonna sit this one out. 
This one’s all about ballhawking, baby.

BTW, this was all inspired by my favorite MLBlogger…The Rockpile Ranter.
Thanks, D.

I’m ready to get it on.

(gotta set your goals…) 

1.  Land safely in Phoenix.
2.  Snag 50 baseballs (I do not count them toward my season total).
3.  Get a few autographs (Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Yovani Gallardo).
4.  Get a game used bat from a Milwaukee Brewers player.
5.  Take some sweet photos.
6.  Have my wife shoot some great ballhawking video.
7.  Blog daily.
8.  Return safely to Milwaukee.

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