9/21/09 @ US Cellular Field

This was going to be my last trek to Chicago for the 2009 season.  Another Milwaukee ballhawk was accompanying me. 
Do you remember Kenny from 9/16/09 at Wrigley Field?  We decided awhile back that we would hit both Chicago stadiums before the season came to a close.

We arrived at “The Cell” around 5:00pm.  We had only 30 minutes before the gates opened, so, we jumped in line outside GATE 5.  I could tell the crowds were thinning compared to earlier in the year.  No pennant race…no passion.  Sad but true.

While we were standing in line, a guy standing at the front of the line asked me,
“are you Nick…The Happy Youngster?”

I said I was and we began to chat it up.  He told me his name is Mike and that he ballhawks from time to time in the Chicago area.  When he told me he was not particularly fond of the “northside team,” things were all good.  It’s kind of like knowing the secret handshake with me.  Ya’ know?  If you know the handshake (or in this case, you don’t like the Cubs), we have something in common. 

We exchanged a few stories, a few opinions and then we went over our game plans.  He told me he enjoys my blog and before we knew it, the gates were opening and the fun was about to begin.

As I was running in, I looked to left field.  There were people already standing out in the left field bleachers.  WTF?!  How the hell did they get in already?  Oh well…there would be no easter eggs because of this.  I also noticed that the Twins were already on the field taking BP.  Usually, I catch the last 3-4 minutes of Sox BP…not this time.

After about 10 minutes of wondering what the hell happened to all the glove-trick possibilities, Orlando Cabrera lifted one high and deep to left field.  I ran up a few rows and when the ball was just within reach, I jumped as high as I could and caught the ball on the fly.  It felt like I really got up there but I’m pretty sure it was all in my head.  (I’m convinced the catch inflated my sense of accomplishment just a tad).

After banging my knees on every bleacher/bench/railing in the place over the next 20 minutes, I began to see the writing on the wall. 
Of the few baseballs that were hit in the stands, I was not meant to snag any more of them…unless I wanted to spend my offseason rehabbing from reconstructive knee surgery.
“The Cell” is awful for running after baseballs.  The rows are long and not spacious.  Half of the bleachers are actual bleachers and the other half are actual seats. 

A total nightmare scenario.

Disgruntled, I took my Jake Taylor knees over to right field.  I took a peek into the visitor’s bullpen.  Aha!  A glove-trick possibility.  It was lying on a rolled up portion of tarp.  I could see it was a Metrodome commemorative ball, too.  After no time flat, the ball was reeled up.

Would you believe that’s all BP would provide today?  Two measly baseballs.  Wow.

Look at how thrilled I am…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 004.jpg

Kenny snagged two of his own…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 003.jpg

…and was a bit more appreciative of the fact.
A group shot taken after BP…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 001.jpg
…of me, Kenny and our new friend Mike.

Kenny showing how easy it is to reach into play…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 005.jpg

…down the right field line.

Hey!  There’s no yawning in baseball…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 006.jpg

Here’s where our seats were located…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 008.jpg

…Section 161/Row 1/Seats 7 & 8.

Irish Heritage Night at the ballpark…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 009.jpg
…do you think they paid him a bit extra to wear that?

Nice backpack…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 015.jpg

My view before the game…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 011.jpg

…was a bit exciting.

My view during the game…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 016.jpg

…not nearly as exciting.

A t-shirt toss casualty…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 018.jpg

…yo Zack-the glove-trick work on those?

The game?  No goddamn home runs hit.  No worries, though.  I was able to see a team (Twins) in the thick of a playoff push.  They sure played like it.  Bravo.

Twins won 7-0. 

After the game, Home Plate Umpire Jim Reynolds was kind enough to hook me up by the umpire’s exit…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 021.jpg

…with a game ball straight out of his ball pouch.  It had a neat little circular scuff on the sweetspot.

Three baseballs snagged…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 020.jpg


Hey Nick Punto…
9_21_09 Twins vs White Sox @ US Cellular Field 019.jpg
…nice pants.


  • total balls 9/21/09

1 batted baseball

1 tossup baseball

1 device baseball



4/7/09   = 5   baseballs
4/8/09   = 10 baseballs
4/9/09   = 10 baseballs
4/10/09 = 3   baseballs
4/11/09 = 5   baseballs
4/12/09 = 5   baseballs
4/13/09 = 11 baseballs
4/14/09 = 6   baseballs
4/21/09 = 5   baseballs
4/27/09 = 15 baseballs
4/28/09 = 9   baseballs
4/30/09 = 4   baseballs
5/01/09 = 7   baseballs
5/02/09 = 4   baseballs
5/08/09 = 11 baseballs
5/09/09 = 1   lousy ball
5/12/09 = 14 baseballs
5/13/09 = 12 baseballs
5/19/09 = 8   baseballs
5/22/09 = 3   baseballs
5/23/09 = 2   baseballs
5/26/09 = 3   baseballs
5/29/09 = 6   baseballs
5/30/09 = 5   baseballs
6/01/09 = 1   baseball
6/02/09 = 9   baseballs
6/09/09 = 4   baseballs
6/10/09 = 0   baseballs
6/11/09 = 2   baseballs
6/12/09 = 9   baseballs
6/23/09 = 6   baseballs
6/24/09 = 9   baseballs
6/26/09 = 9   baseballs
6/27/09 = 4   baseballs
6/29/09 = 3   baseballs
6/30/09 = 5   baseballs
7/07/09 = 6   baseballs
7/10/09 = 3   baseballs
7/20/09 = 7   baseballs
7/24/09 = 6   baseballs
7/27/09 = 8   baseballs
7/29/09 = 3   baseballs
8/04/09 = 4   baseballs
8/11/09 = 7   baseballs
8/12/09 = 6   baseballs
8/15/09 = 4   baseballs
8/16/09 = 3   baseballs
8/17/09 = 10 baseballs
8/25/09 = 10 baseballs
8/26/09 = 4   baseballs
8/28/09 = 18 baseballs *(new Milwaukee record)*
8/29/09 = 2   baseballs
9/04/09 = 5   baseballs
9/06/09 = 5   baseballs
9/08/09 = 8   baseballs
9/16/09 = 4   baseballs
9/18/09 = 10 baseballs
9/21/09 = 3   baseballs

361 baseballs (58 games)
6.22 average per game



  1. cookandsonbats

    Nick-Knack, nice entry, sir. Also, I just noticed that Tim and I made your “Happy’s Choice of MLBlogging” list. Thanks, man! I’ve been thinking of putting together such a list, and I think you’ve officially inspired me to do it. One more thought, the Brewers were in the AL for a majority of your life, right? So why all of the Cubs anomosity, but no hostility toward the ChiSox?

  2. Txbaseballfan

    Great entry! Love the “Major League” reference! But to me, that’s not a classic movie without Mr. Baseball. If you think that backpack is bad, you should check out some of my entries vs. the Mariners. They have pink ones. But you know what? I’d carry one too if I had a shot at their $! Good job bro!

  3. happyyoungster

    there’s just something about the players and their fans that gets me going.

    Good point on the backpack and your blog deserves to be on the list!

    How’d I look?!! Talk about an adrenaline rush…!


  4. snowdecember@hotmail.com

    I have also realized that the ever pennant filled and passion driven the “cell” in Chicago is no longer something to get thrilled of. The fact is sad but true just like you place it. The guys over there are however very chat just like Mike proved. – Jordan

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