The Curse of Coghlan

Remember this photo?
Thumbnail image for 5_13_09 Marlins vs Brewers @ Miller Park 068.jpg

It was taken 5/13/09 after I snagged Chris Coghlan’s 1st career home run.

I snagged 12 baseballs that day.
That was the last time I would reach double-digits…that is, until this past Monday 8/17/09.

I had ten or more baseballs snagged in seven (7) of my 1st eighteen (18) games this season.
The next twenty-nine (29) games…nada.

Finally, I reached the coveted double-digit plateau in the 30th game since Coghlan.

Is the Curse of Coghlan over??
I think so.

To commemorate the event…
Curse of Coghlan 2009 001.jpg

…I thought I would send Chris a little gift…

Curse of Coghlan 2009 002.jpg

…whaddya think??

The note reads:


“Hard feelings aside, congrats on a fine rookie season!
Good luck down the stretch.”


Of course…all in good fun.


  1. bigglovebob

    Great stuff. I am sure that keepsake will end in occupying a special place in his home. What is 942? Your snags balls to date?

  2. happyyoungster

    I never thought of that!

    Thanks, just having a little fun.

    Yes, 942 is my career # of balls snagged to date.


    You know it. Snagging career ball #1000 is within reach along with #400 for the season.


  3. wiscocubbie

    Haha! Too perfect. I was stopping by your site to specifically see this photo in all it’s glory and here it is at the top! I had just run across Chris’s bio on fantasy baseball and it reminded me of this priceless photo. Perfect timing.
    Great idea with the package. I think you should send him a bat too and sign it “from Hanley Ramirez”.
    Keep up the good work, Happy!


    If you wish to succeed , you should use persistence as your good friend , experience as your reference , prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry. Do you think so? – Jordan

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