Meeting “American Idol” David Cook

I must admit:  I like to meet famous people.

It doesn’t matter what they’re “famous” for, I just enjoy talking with people who have carved an identity for the masses.

I don’t get awe-struck.  I don’t go ga-ga. 
(Meeting Brett Favre one-on-one August of 2005 still remains the exception)

I just enjoy the interaction.

I mentioned in my previous entry that my wife and I would have the chance to meet David and his bandmates.

Here we are…
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 014.jpg

…out near his trailer.

From left to right:  Neal, Joey, my lovely wife-April, David, myself, Kyle and Andy.

Notice a few things:

1).  I’m wearing a KC Royals hat.
2).  Neal is holding a baseball.
3).  April is holding two (2) photos.
4).  Sunglasses are hip.
5).  I have a special pass affixed to my left thigh.
6).  David looks the part.

  • I’m wearing the Royals hat because David Cook was raised in Missouri and remains an avid KC Royals fan.
  • Neal is holding the baseball because I had everyone in the band sign it. 
  • April, the kind and generous soul that she is, picked two young girls out of the crowd who were standing behind a barricade trying to get an autograph with their Mother (made impossible by security). 
    Hence, the two signed photos in her hand.  Yay for April!!!  Boy, do I love her.
  • Sunglasses?  Everyone’s wearing ’em.
  • The backstage pass allowed us past the big, beefy security guards. 
    Why are you covering yours up, April??
  • His look says it all.

After exchanging some baseball chatter and some handshakes, we parted ways.
(I told David if he sees the yellow shirted home run catcher snag Jose Guillen’s 200th career homer on ESPN-it’s me.

A few pics of the show…
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 015.jpg
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 045.jpg

7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 052.jpg
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 053.jpg

The band put on a great show.  If you like a little new age rock, I would highly recommend seeing them perform.

The walk out during the encore…
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 067.jpg

A random shot of pollution…
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 010.jpg

The baseball I had signed…
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 068.jpg

7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 069.jpg
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 070.jpg
7_23_09 Meeting David Cook & Band 071.jpg
…ahhhh, baseballs.  What else is there to get signed??


  1. raysfanboy

    One of the few American Idols I’ve liked. Cook’s expression is just classic.

    Your Brewers are in quite a dogfight in the Central these days. 4 games separate the top 4 teams? Wow. I know I think that the AL East is the best division out there, but right now the NL Central has to be the most competitive.

  2. padreleigh

    Honestly, it’s David Cook. Who? That was a total waste of blog space. I would have rather read about you going to a Nationals vs. Royals game and watching them play to a 1-1 tie or about you pulling over someone for a broken tail light. That would have been more interesting. You ruined a perfectly good baseball too. Boring Happy. David Cook….you’re so funny. Take it easy.


  3. happyyoungster

    protecting the top of my head from the sun’s deadly rays!

    heck yeah.

    Sadly, I feel the Brewers are slipping away.

    Bad day at work or something??


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