6/11/09 @ Oriole Park at Camden Yards

I was ready to get on the board.  I was ready to put the previous day’s “bad-luck” performance behind me.  I say “bad luck” because it had little to do with performance and everything to do with weird (bad) luck.

I arrived at the park and found Zack Hample and his friend Jona (not Zack and Miri) already waiting in line. 

Since only those individuals in possession of a “season-ticket” style ticket gain entrance to left field, I was planning on watching Zack effortlessly (seemed that way) run around left field once again today, scooping up every ball that comes his way
(the day before, I watched helplessly from right field as Zack did exactly that).

To my surprise, Zack and Jona agreed to give me Jona’s season ticket. 
In exchange, all I had to do was purchase Jona a ticket to get into the stadium.
A kind gesture.  Thank you both.

So, at 5 pm, Zack and I ran into the stadium and around to the left field bleachers.

It didn’t take me long to get BALL #1, hit into the seats by an unknown Orioles player (possibly NOLAN REIMOLD).

Unfortunately, it also didn’t take very long for the Orioles to finish up their hitting.
Eleven minutes to be nearly exact.

Yup, after 11 minutes of Orioles hitting, the team ran off the field. 

No rain.  No power outage.  No natural disasters. 

So, I twiddled my thumbs.  Eventually, it started to rain and the grounds crew covered the field.

Robbed of a chance at self-redemption. 

I went into autograph mode. 

Mariners closer David Aardsma signed my ticket. 

Later, during the rain, Mariners Bullpen Coach JOHN WETTELAND stood down the left field line.  He asked two kids if they had gotten a baseball.  They both answered yes.  Huh??  There weren’t any to be had?!?  I think they were frightened.

So, I asked Mr. Wetteland if there was an age limit on the ball he was trying to give away.

He reponded, “yeah…little kids and old ladies.”  He went on to explain, “I’ll tell you why old ladies.  If they’re still going to games at 90, they’re big fans of the game.  And if they’re big fans, they’ve probably been outmuscled for baseballs their whole lives, too.”

I told him, “great explanation.” 

He looked up at me out of the corner of his eye and smiled as he flipped me BALL #2.

One cool dude.

About 5 minutes later, John Wetteland began to sign autographs.  So, I had him sign the baseball.

20 minutes later, Mariners pitcher Jarrod Washburn began to sign autographs.  So, I pulled the game ball out of my backpack (I usually bring 1 to every game) and had him sign it.

The two signed baseballs and signed ticket…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 017.jpg…signed by John Wetteland, Jarrod Washburn and David Aardsma.

The game was wet and uneventful.
Final tally…2 baseballs. 

1 was given away to a young Seattle Seahawks fan in attendance.  Wrong sport, but, Steve Largent was my favorite player growing up.


  • 2 total balls 6/11/09

1 batted baseball

1 toss-up baseball



4/7/09   = 5   baseballs
4/8/09   = 10 baseballs
4/9/09   = 10 baseballs
4/10/09 = 3   baseballs
4/11/09 = 5   baseballs
4/12/09 = 5   baseballs
4/13/09 = 11 baseballs
4/14/09 = 6   baseballs
4/21/09 = 5   baseballs
4/27/09 = 15 baseballs
4/28/09 = 9   baseballs
4/30/09 = 4   baseballs
5/01/09 = 7   baseballs
5/02/09 = 4   baseballs
5/08/09 = 11 baseballs
5/09/09 = 1   lousy ball
5/12/09 = 14 baseballs
5/13/09 = 12 baseballs
5/19/09 = 8   baseballs
5/22/09 = 3   baseballs
5/23/09 = 2   baseballs
5/26/09 = 3   baseballs
5/29/09 = 6   baseballs
5/30/09 = 5   baseballs
6/01/09 = 1   baseball
6/02/09 = 9   baseballs
6/09/09 = 4   baseballs
6/10/09 = 0   baseballs
6/11/09 = 2   baseballs

180 baseballs (29 games)
6.21 average per game

That’s not all…

I went to the Babe Ruth birthplace and museum.
Let me share a few pictures…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 002.jpg…the front of the house.  Located on Emory St.

A side street…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 003.jpg…looking down the block.

In front (once again)…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 004.jpg…looking down Emory St.

An actual Babe Ruth game used and signed bat…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 005.jpg…that was gifted to a young man on his 13th birthday back in 1935 by “The Babe” himself.

A view of the entire bat…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 006.jpg…now owned (and loaned to the museum) by former Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan.

“The Babe’s” bedroom…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 007.jpg…where he was born on February 6, 1895.

Another view…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 008.jpg

Some amazing artifacts…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 013.jpg…including a signed Yankees ball, a 1920’s “Babe” game jersey and a bat he used during his record-setting 1927 season.  


More amazing stuff…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 014.jpg…including his Player of the Century award, a pair of game used pants and a “Shoeless” Joe Jackson game bat.

A closer look at the “Shoeless” Joe bat…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 015.jpg…gifted to “Babe” back in the day.

Finally, a closer look at his game used pants…
6_11_09 Mariners vs Orioles @ Camden Yards 016.jpg…rare and priceless.

If you’re ever in the Baltimore area, stop by this museum.  It’s small, but, it’s only $6.00 to tour.  Plus, it’s only a couple blocks from Camden Yards!



  1. happyyoungster

    Funny stuff. Sorry for the delay in getting this one up.



  2. Txbaseballfan

    Nice entry, I think I like the Babe museum recap the best. Although, your interaction with Wetteland was pretty cool too. No game, 3 balls, 3 autographs, not too shabby my friend!
    BTW — Did you get my email on the shirt thing? If not, I can resend it.
    Keep up the good work, you’ll be rewarded soon!

  3. cookandsonbats

    PS – I saw you on TV in RF during the M’s broadcast. You were visible a couple times.

  4. happyyoungster

    sorry for the delayed response. I sent the e-mail out this morning. (Sunday-21st).
    Keep me informed!

    Cool. I hope I wasn’t picking my nose.
    The Babe Museum was worth the visit.

    It was gorgeous.


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