4/14/09 @ Miller Park

I’m getting a little behind on my blogging, so, this one will be short and sweet.

My wife and I went to the game together.  She’s my good luck charm.

the gates to the stadium opened at 530pm for the 705pm game, I raced in
and scoped out the Brewers bullpen.  There were about 6 baseballs lying
in the bullpen.  Three of them looked like potential glove trick
claims, so, I went to work. 

There was one problem, though. 
My string on the glove trick had balled up into a knot.  I was getting
a bit nervous trying to untangle the mess.  After about 3 minutes of
screwing around, I had it pretty much untangled. 

So, I went back to work.

were all, subsequently, snagged using the glove trick.  I was able to
reel all three up in about 5 minutes.  Would have been shorter if not
for the knot.  Not for the knot??  Whatever.  Either way, I felt like I
was cheating, but, not really.  You know what I mean? 

I ran over to my section and began waiting for the big Reds lefties to
start cranking them out like they had the night before. 

OF LAYNCE NIX was shagging BP out in right field.  A baseball rolled
out to him and I asked him for it.  He turned and lobbed BASEBALL #4 to me.

first group of Reds lefty hitters soon disappointed, though.  So, I
headed over to left for Brandon Phillips.  It took about 5 minutes
before BRANDON PHILLIPS jacked one high into the air.  I was standing
in the left field loge bleachers (one of the toughest places to catch a
baseball when you have to move to get it). 

Row after row of bleachers along with scattered railings makes this place tough. 

hurdled three rows of bleachers moving backwards, all the while, keeping my eye
on the ball.  It was coming, I just had to get underneath it.  I would
snag that BP homer on the fly for

righty group also would disappoint, so, I moved back to right field for
Laynce Nix.  Laynce has big power and usually shows it during BP. 

the end of Batting Practice, LAYNCE NIX would strike.  He hit a long,
towering fly that found a safe home right in the old mitt (on the fly)
for BASEBALL #6.

BP was over but I would soon make two new friends. 

in the day, I had run into a gentleman at a local Milwaukee restaurant
about 20 minutes from the park.  He had told me his youngest boy was
having a birthday on this day.  The man said they had driven down from
their home in Northeast Wisconsin to take the boy and his older brother
to the Brewers game.  I told the man to meet me out by the big CITGO
pump in right-center field, that I would have something for his boys.

They stopped by the seats right when BP was finishing up.

Here’s the two boys proudly displaying their prize(s)…
4_14_09 Reds vs Brewers 001.jpgThat’s JOHN on the right and the birthday boy RYAN on the left.  Two great kids!!

BP, I made my usual rounds around the stadium.  When I saw Reds pitcher
Bronson Arroyo walking out to the bullpen to warm up, I headed over to

Here’s my overhead view of Bronson Arroyo making his warmup pitches…
4_14_09 Reds vs Brewers 002.jpg
4_14_09 Reds vs Brewers 003.jpgThe game contained nothing to write home to Mom about. 
the game starts, I usually stay in my spot.  If I’m out running around
for foul balls, I miss the game home runs.  Since, game home runs mean
everything to me, I stay focused on those instead of foul balls, 3rd
out balls, etc.  That doesn’t mean I don’t go for them from time to
time, it’s just that it’s pretty rare.

I had my throwback ball waiting for a game home run but the game home run never came.
Here’s a picture of my throwback ball…
4_14_09 Reds vs Brewers 006.jpgIf your stadium allows throwbacks, you have to have one.  I made the infield at Miller Park on a bounce, once, from my bleacher seats out in right center field.

Only a complete fool would throw back the actual game home run ball…only my opinion, of course.

Here’s a picture of a ballhawk’s best friend (on occasion)…
4_14_09 Reds vs Brewers 009.jpg                                     A little pick-me-up goes a long way.

At the end of the game, I was in position for an ump game ball.  Home plate umpire Chuck Meriweather walked off the field.  I was in the front row calling out his name.  He turned and looked at me and just walked off the field.  Oh well…I’ll try again.

When Francisco Cordero was walking off the field, he rolled a baseball on top of the dugout to me.  Too bad his aim and his tact was way off.  A guy about 5 feet to my right intercepted it.

I did manage to snag a bag of sunflower seeds from the Reds batboy…
Thumbnail image for 4_14_09 Reds vs Brewers 010.jpgI asked for pumpkin seeds.  Apparently, they didn’t have any, so, he tossed me the sunflower seeds instead.  Thanks dude.

Final haul for the day…
4_14_09 Reds vs Brewers 011.jpg6 Baseballs (4 are shown/2 were given away) and 1 bag of sunflower seeds.  Do the seeds count for anything…?? 

I didn’t think so.


  • 6 total balls 4/14/09

2 caught on fly (hit)

1 toss-up

3 device



4/7/09   = 5   baseballs
4/8/09   = 10 baseballs
4/9/09   = 10 baseballs
4/10/09 = 3   baseballs
4/11/09 = 5   baseballs
4/12/09 = 5   baseballs
4/13/09 = 11 baseballs
4/14/09 = 6   baseballs

55 baseballs (8 games)
6.875 average per game


  1. bigglovebob

    Nice work Happy. I have yet to catch a ball on the fly. With a real glove it wouldn’t be an issue, but the big glove has been an issue. I have thought of bringing both but I don’t own a backpack and I hate being weighted down. I had a decent day at the dome as written about in my blog:http://bigglovebob.mlblogs.com/

    I booked the Radission on North Portage Rd. for my trip there in June. It looks nice and I ended up getting a great rate. They have a bar and restaurant on site which is key to me. I once checked into a hotel and upon being informed that there was no on site bar I went into a rage and did some “extensive remodeling” of the lobby. I still can’t go back to Colorado.

  2. padreleigh

    Hey Happy….

    You had the double hook up this game. That’s really nice. You should go into public service or something…..haha. Nice entry. Short and sweet. It really is a shame that we can’t do the glove trick in San Diego. I would love to try it sometime. Maybe on a visit to Milwaukee? I don’t have another home game until Friday vs the Pirates and I’m Jonesing. When is your next game entry or are you behind? Well, talk to you later.


  3. nycautographcollector

    nice game up there at miller…i was just in the city for two days getting autos from the brewers and the indians…i figured you’d like to see…so take a look:

    prince and corey hart are so incredibly nice its insane.

    gotta love getting seeds from the bat boy. i got reggie abercrombie on the marlins to toss me a bag during the second half of a double header one time. he asked if i wanted a gatorade too, and if he should go to the clubhouse and get me steak. glad guys have a sense of humor even when they were loosing 11-0 after 2 innings haha

  4. happyyoungster

    Yo-thanks man!

    it’s nothing, really.

    you crack me up!! Looking forward to laughing at your jokes in person.

    funny. Yeah, I’m falling behind on the blogs a bit.

    I read your blog-nice job with the BrewCrew! Corey Hart is a very cool dude, indeed.

    I seem to sweet talk my way out of a lot of things!!

    I think I get more enjoyment out of doing it!

    Eat them, of course!!


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