4/11/09 @ Miller Park

After finishing Easter meal (day early) at my in-laws, I raced over to Miller Park. 
The Brewers were opening the gates two hours early for the 605pm game.

I entered the stadium at exactly 407 pm and proceeded to head to the lower level (100 level) right field bleachers.  The Brewers were actually practicing their hitting today.  Woohoo!

As soon as I grabbed my perch in the right field lower level bleachers, Brewers RF COREY HART fielded a baseball near the warning track.  I yelled out, “Corey Hart, baseball please!”  Without hesitation, he flipped it to my waiting glove for BASEBALL #1.  That was easy…and quick, too.

The same occurred about 3 minutes later with Brewers pitcher SETH MCCLUNG.  I simply asked for the baseball and whaddya know??  BASEBALL #2.  There was a young man standing in the front row not far from me.  He had a glove on and looked like he needed some help, so, I gave it to him (and he was a Cubs fan!).  See, I can be nice to Cubs fans.

The debut of something was about to take place.

After the Brewers portion of BP was concluded, I started moseying around a bit.  Upon further investigation, I noticed a single baseball lying harmlessly in the Brewers bullpen. 
Although a bit nervous, I pulled out the necessary equipment and proceeded to use the glove trick to haul in BASEBALL #3!!  Under the expert tutelage of one, ZACK HAMPLE, I now had another trick up my sleeve. 

I did ask Zack for his permission before counting the baseballs toward the statistics in our ballhawk league.  It worked so good and so fast, I still can’t believe it!

The picture below shows where the baseball was lying…
4_11_09 Cubs vs Brewers 012.jpgIt was my first glove trick, so, I was too damn nervous to take an actual picture of the ball.  With a little practice, it will come.

After I successfully used the glove trick, I was riding pretty high.  Adding another dimension to the ballhawking arsenal is big. 

Cubs outfielder REED JOHNSON was shagging BP out in left-center field.  I asked him for a baseball and he turned and fired me BASEBALL #4 on the day.  He was the only Cubs player who even acknowledged I was in the ballpark.  Thanks Reed, you’re not so bad.  As for the rest of your teammates, well…nevermind.  Let’s just say I do not like the Chicago Cubs.

Batting Practice (ever notice how I always capitalize it?) was winding down so I took a stroll back over to right field.  I peered in the visitor’s bullpen and saw another little prize yet to be claimed.  I was feeling like a cowboy, so, I pulled the tools out a second time and successfully reeled that one in, as well for BASEBALL # 5.

Here’s a picture where that little fella was situated…
4_11_09 Cubs vs Brewers 010.jpgOkay, so it was my second glove trick…I was still too damn nervous to take a picture. 
                                            With practice comes perfection.

After BP, I wandered around the stadium and made some new friends. 
The picture below was taken from the furthest seat from home plate…
4_11_09 Cubs vs Brewers 002.jpg                                       SECTION 440 ROW 16 SEAT 18
The seats are called Bernie’s Terrace.  Everything in this area looked brand new because few people sit here.  This ticket should come with complimentary barf bags and oxygen masks.

Here’s a picture of Bernie Brewer’s hangout…
4_11_09 Cubs vs Brewers 003.jpgI’ve had small children approach me and ask, “is Bernie Brewer a kitty?”  Cute, indeed. 
But, that just shows how lame our mascot is.  Sorry, Brewers fans…it’s lame.

If you ever meet me in person, ask me the Bernie Brewer story.  It’s funny.

Here’s the ladder Bernie climbs to get to his little dugout…
4_11_09 Cubs vs Brewers 004.jpgHere’s a look down from Bernie’s hangout…
4_11_09 Cubs vs Brewers 005.jpg          Be careful, Bernie!!  Wouldn’t want to see you get replaced by a cooler mascot.

Finals for the day…
4_11_09 Cubs vs Brewers 013.jpg                &nbs
p;                                        5 baseballs
                              (4 are shown-1 was given to a smaller Cubs fan. 
                                                        A Cubs fan???
                                          I know, I know…I’m getting soft.


  • 5 total balls 4/11/09

3 toss-ups

2 device



4/7/09   = 5   baseballs
4/8/09   = 10 baseballs
4/9/09   = 10 baseballs
4/10/09 = 3   baseballs
4/11/09 = 5   baseballs


33 baseballs (5 games)
6.6 average per game


  1. bigrygg

    Okay so I know that we never got our picture taken, but I don’t even get mentioned? In-person meetings by MLBlogs staples don’t just happen every day. LOL

    I’m working again on Tuesday, April 28th. Not sure where I’ll be located yet, but if you accept my Facebook friend request I’ll be sure to message you once I know.

    Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to be in a section that has a chance at a duckett or two.

    -Big Rygg

  2. brewcrew77

    Dude, Nick, I just met you tonight and your already my idol with all this stuff, I am going to Spring Training next year. I’m going to buy your shirt. I saw you know exactly where a ball was going to be hit today ( phillips). This is cool stuff, I’ve been to 4 games so far this year at Miller. I have gotten 13 balls. None caught off a fly but close, you’ve got to teach me your tricks. What was that website you told me to track where people hit again? Email it to me and save my email so we can talk as fellow ballhawks (ward.casey@sbcglobal.net). I NEED to learn from you. SO I can catch more balls on flys and get more and more to get my collection up, after 1 year and 4 games so far this year I have gotten 32 balls. Caught only one on a fly (barehanded Weeks LF bleachers). Thanks, and I’m assuming I will see you tomorrow. And by the way, can you score me some of them tix by the Tundra? Haha, I will even play for them. I just think it’d be so cool to sit there. Thanks Happy! See you Tomorrow!

  3. brewcrew77

    Hey Nick, It’s casey, Just met you tonight and your already my idol. The stuff you do is sweet! You have to teach me, i saw you say your going to stand in this certain area to catc ha ball, and you did (phillips). I could not believe it. And i saw you shag 2 yesterday in the Tundra place. Ive only ever caught one on a fly as I told you that Weeks hit and I barehanded it. What’s that website you told me today on how to track homeruns? Email me it please. (ward.casey@sbcglobal.net) So then maybe you can share some of your tricks with me too please as fellow ballhawks. I’ve been to 4 games this year and only got 13 balls. and in a year and 4 games (32 games total) i have 32 baseballs so i average one a game, which i guess isn’t bad but you get like 5 a game. I hope to see you at the game tomorrow so we can chat some more and you can show me some spots to stand please. I want to start catching more on the fly. And by the way, can you score me some of those Tundra tix where you sit, I will even play you for them. It’d just be so cool to sit there with the Happy Youngster himslef. Get taught new trix, and adventully be a pro at this. I’m only 17 so i have a long time. PLEASE HELP ME! I’ve been on your sight for an hour already watching your video and admiring your work. The bikini one doesn’t work just to let you know. I’m hitting up Spring Training next year. GOOD LUCK tomorrow, Hope to see you and chat!
    Casey Ward

  4. zackhample

    Awesome that the glove trick worked for you. But DAMN…now I’m really gonna have to work hard to keep up with you in the ballhawk league.


  5. padreleigh

    Hey Happy…

    Nice entry. Way to hook up a little kid. What is the distance (in feet) from home plate to your seat? It looks kind of far on TV. Just curious.


  6. happyyoungster

    It was a pleasure to meet you/run into you. Sorry dude, I did not include a mention because I’m saving it for a picture! My camera is ready.

    you know I can’t do that 🙂

    it does not, but that’s okay. I do it for all the other reasons!

    it was nice meeting you. I’ll give you some more pointers the next time I see you. In the meantime, good luck snagging. That site is http://www.hittrackeronline.com
    Good luck!

    That’s what it’s all about-competition just naturally raises performance. We all make each other better. For that, I thank you, sir.

    Thanks and good luck to you there out west.

    The distance is approx. 400 feet. A bit of a blast, but certainly possible on a regular basis.

    thank you. Right back at you @ #4!!


  7. mayz

    I don’t even know what the ‘glove trick’ is but that’s sick that you snagged all those baseballs! I thought it was impossible to get players to acknowledge you in this day in age unless you’re a smokin hot blonde babe.


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