The Arctic Tailgate = mission accomplished.

Been away from home for a few days and not in the right state of mind to play with my wife’s $2000 laptop.  So, I am now catching up on everything I’ve missed.

I slept in the vehicle pictured below…
Jamboree-front shot 016.jpgMy vintage 23 foot 1977 Dodge Jamboree motorhome.  A true oldie but goodie in all aspects.  Normally reserved for Lambeau Field and Brewers opening day, this baby took everything we could give it and is still standing.

I arrived at Miller Park on Thursday around 3 pm and set up my tent in line (I had to save my spot).
My tent & chair 010.jpg           No, I did not sleep in this thing.  Come on people, this wasn’t my first rodeo.
           I’m a seasoned veteran.

While everyone’s tents were tearing and blowing away from the wind, my little fella stood strong in the 30 mph winds that were ripping outside Miller Park over the weekend.
A strategically chosen location and a few sandbags inside anchored this baby down
(I was a boy scout, you know).

            So, at 3pm on Thursday my wait began for this…
The goal=tickets 008.jpg            I had the blessing of this lovely lady that made it all possible…
Clara 2year pics 275.jpg                                                 What an unbelievable wife.

So, I waited, I mingled, I waited some more, I ate, I had a few beverages, etc. 
Then, the cavalry started to arrive.

The first arrival was Matt.  I play summer leagues with him.  He’s our 2nd baseman.
Matt was just in time for the free pizza the Brewers were providing.
Matt Rink in pizza line2009 001.jpg           That’s Matt standing in the pizza line with the white and pinstriped Brewers jersey.

After we grabbed up our free pizza, we headed to the friendly confines (no, not the rat infested, crumbling Wrigley Field…but, my motorhome.

            Me and my free pizza…
Me happy with free pizza 003.jpg           About 20 minutes later…
half-eaten pizza 004.jpg               Is it just me, or, does free stuff just taste better because it’s free?

Next arrival was a friend of mine (Brent) that works on the Grounds Crew at Miller Park.  Brent’s job is awesome.  During games, his assignment is to attend to the visiting bullpen.  So, if the players need a mound touch-up, he’s their man.  Basically, he gets to stand in the visiting bullpen, watch the game and shoot the breeze with the visiting bullpen arms. 
Talk about a sweet gig. 

The next to arrive was my childhood friend Justin.  Affectionately known as “Juddy” in our circle of friends, Justin and I have been best of friends since grade school.  He’s a real stand-up guy (although he fell down a few times over the course of this party). 

            Here’s “Juddy” and I guarding the tent…
Arctic Tailgate Party 2009 012.jpgIt was around 5 degrees (with windchill) outside but thanks to a few Wisconsin made barley pops, we were not feeling the affects.

Our next attendee to arrive was “Ballhawk Shawn.”  Shawn is a talented young ballhawk who has what it takes to break some of my records (apparently, he broke my single game baseballs snagged record of 13 by snagging his own 14.  That’s a great day of snagging.  Shawn has his own blog here.  He tells me he will start blogging a bit more once the season starts.  I hope so…he has some good ballhawking/autograph stories to share.

            Here’s Shawn doing some early season bunting drills…
Shawn practicing bunts 029.jpg           Pretty good form…but that left hands needs to stay further down the handle. 
           It got the job done, though-advanced the runner to third.

The next troop (literally) to arrive was my good friend and co-worker, Dan.  Dan’s a heckuva great guy and a veteran of the Second Gulf War.

            Here’s a picture of Dan telling some war stories using Juddy’s prop…
Iraq vet & good friend Dan 025.jpg            Here’s a picture of Dan taking a break to wet his whistle…
Dan telling war stories and downing a cold one 036.jpg                                                          Ahhhhhhhhhhh…

Our next arrival is a very talented man in the shirt-making industry.  You may have seen his link on the right side of my blog.  If not, you need to check it out.  He and his business partner specialize in Milwaukee themed shirts.  They are hilarious.  Their business used to be called Insomniac Ink.  They are now known as “The Milwaukee Shirt Guys.” 
They were responsible for the production of my new “Happy Youngster” t-shirts.

            Here’s a picture of Ross taking some cuts…

Ross about to square up on one 030.jpg
No, that’s not Boris Yeltsin pictured above…
boris yeltsin.jpg
It’s T-Shirt Ross!!

   Here’s a picture of Ross proudly displaying one of his soon-to-be world famous creations…
Ross w happy shirt 022.jpg                                              He just doesn’t know it yet.

The last to arrive was a very well-known ballhawk at Milwaukee County Stadium and Miller Park.  His name is Mike and he has lots of energy.  He’s a CPA by day and a ballhawk by night.  I believe his career game home run total stands at 26.  He has snagged over a thousand career baseballs since 1987.  He’s a fun guy to have around.

            Here’s “Big Mike” enjoying some heat from the fire…
Legendary ballhawk Big Mike by fire 021.jpg  Mike’s a former college offensive lineman turned accountant.  I’ve known Mike and his Dad for over 10 years now.  He gave me my first bit of ballhawking advice back in 1998.  I remember it vividly.  He said, “rule #1 of batting practice…never watch a baseball you can no longer catch.”  Great advice.  Thanks for all the tips over the years, Mike.

     Here’s a picture of the line of tents that surrounded Miller Park by midnight Friday night…
Tent line 005.jpg            Here’s another…
Another pic of tents 006.jpg            Here’s a group shot…
Group shot 019.jpg                                                  I was the cameraman.

            Here’s a picture of me pract
icing my swing for the upcoming baseball season…
More swing 034.jpg
            Dan and I in need of some sleep…
Dan & I needing sleep 026.jpg           Here’s a picture of pure party destruction…
party scene 007.jpg            More of our party destruction…
The destruction 047.jpg                I assure you…no one was hurt (physically) in the making of this scene. 
                A few feelings were probably hurt, though!

            Here’s another group shot with a strange lady who stopped by the party…
Group shot w strange lady who wanted to skip line 020.jpgThat’s her in the red coat.  We did not know her.  She heard a few of “Big Mike’s” stories and I think she was in love.  No, not really.  But, she did want to skip the line and get in our spot with us.  Are you kidding me, lady?  We’ve been here since Thursday and you want to get in line with us Saturday morning?  Whatever. 

I think I will designate the lady pictured below (in red coat) as the first official
                            “Happy’s yahoo of the day”
Strange lady told to hit the road 037.jpg         I told the lady to hit the road (not those exact words but something to that effect.
As you can see by the picture, “Big Mike” befriended the lady but that was as far as she got.  You can see her packing her bags and moving on in the picture above.
It’s all about principle…nothing personal, lady.

            Here’s a picture of two Gulf War (2nd) vets enjoying the fire…
Juddy & Dan 042.jpgI mentioned Dan was a veteran of the 2nd Gulf War…Juddy served in Iraq/Kuwait as well. 
You both kick some serious butt.  Way to go, boys.

Manny being Manny…
manny being manny.jpg


                                                     Juddy being Juddy…
Juddy being Juddy 024.jpg                                             More Juddy being Juddy…
Juddy with making same face 039.jpg
                             Juddy makes that face a lot.  You know the one. 
                             I love Juddy like a brother.  He’s like family to me.

Finally, 5 am rolled around and the last three standing were:  Dan, Juddy and I.  The rest of the fellas had retreated home. 
So, we decided to grab a quick nap before the line moved inside the stadium.

            Here’s a
pic of us standing in yet another line inside of Miller Park…
waiting in another line w sausages 049.jpgThose are the so-called “World Famous Racing Sausages.”  (I’ve seen those things run around so many times that it has lost its luster long ago).  But, they’re a staple of Brewers home games, so what the heck.

                                             Finally, around 9:30 am…
Ticket finishing line 009.jpg                                                         The finish line.

              I purchased my max. allowed (4) for Opening Day.  Mission accomplished.

                                                I came, I saw, I conquered.
I came I saw I conquered 044.jpg                     Special thanks to the boys for joining me.  What a blast!
                                    Now, let’s get this season going.



  1. juliasrants

    LOVE IT! What a blast you guys had in line and I’m glad you made good use of your Boy Scouting skills. (I might wait until mine are older to mention all the uses for the skills they are learning now! 😉 ) Tell Dan & Juddy thanks for their service. Enjoy the game!


  2. Elizabeth D

    Glad to hear that you had a great time Happy! I’m glad your wife was accompanying you and that you’re raising your child to love the team that you love!
    By the way, I’m reading “Death of a Salesman” right now and one of the main characters (I think) is named Happy.

  3. valpocrewsader

    Looks like a hell of a night, wish I coulda stayed longer and made it into more pictures. The little time I was there was a blast though, thanks for inviting me down. Can the season start now, please!?!

  4. happyyoungster

    I will give Dan & Juddy the message for you! Thanks.

    It’s great to be known as “Happy.” You’ll have to let me know how his character plays out.

    thanks for stopping in. I hope your evening with the lady made up for your absence. Let’s play ball!


  5. Jane Heller

    That post should be turned into a video. Or even a movie. So funny! Looks like you had a great time with your buddies, and your wife is a totally good sport. Loved the part about Mike, “a CPA by day and a ballhawk by night.” LOL! The pizza looked pretty tasty, btw.

  6. happyyoungster

    interesting it was, indeed.

    That pizza never tasted so good…on top of about 6 bottles of MillerHighLife!


  7. nwest33

    Great post and thanks for making us Brewer fans look like the most insane fans on earth. Thanks for the props too! I’ll have a link to your blog. Go Crew in ’09!

  8. nwest33

    Great post and thanks for making us Brewer fans look like the most insane fans on earth. Thanks for the props too! I’ll have a link to your blog. Go Crew in ’09!

  9. happyyoungster

    Thank you. We are pretty insane, aren’t we? A link to your blog will arrive as well.


  10. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Happster, I loved this entry. Nice you got to hang with your buddies. The Arctic Tailgate is awesome too. Just wanted to thank you brotha for all your comment support on my trip. I’ve got a lot of catching up do do on my blog reading. You are a true (hardcore) Brewers fan and I hope they appreciate that from you. I loved Maryvale, you were totally right. I’ll tell you first even thought I haven’t posted the ending to my blog. Andy and I both snagged our first live homerun baseballs at the Rockies/Brewers game yesterday. Couldn’t have happened at a nicer ballpark. I’m rolling through Colorado Springs right now and I’ll be home in less than two hours…D

  11. happyyoungster

    Congratulations on the 1st game home run ball! I knew you would do it! Now that you have the tough one out of the way, I want to see the Ranter on Sportscenter this season.
    Again, nice job and thanks for taking us with you on your trip to Tuscon.

    Go Clemson!

    rub it in why don’t ya?



    What up Nick. Yes I finally made it to your blog. Is it a bad thing that I didn’t remember most of those pictures. huh oh well. It was still a great time. Thanks for the props. Keep it really. Can’t wait for opening day!!!!!

    Justin, AKA Juddy

  13. happyyoungster

    It certainly was a blast.

    Thanks for finally stopping by the blog, bro! It’s only bad when you wake up in a strange place next to a complete stranger wearing a strange hat with strange breath and an even stranger headache.


  14. kastandya

    I get no love? I was there twice! Not too long either time, but maybe worth a mention!

    I suppose I made out pretty well, 4 beers, some of those cherry things, and a brat….and I missed most of the cold!

    Another great Happy Youngster outing!! I wish I could’ve made the whole thing!

  15. happyyoungster

    I excluded pics/mention of you for good reason. Didn’t want you to get caught up with work and all, ya know?


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