Forget snowballs…bring on baseballs!!

The time has come…
no more waiting.
no more counting down days.
no more watching old Packers game tapes from the 1990’s to get me through winter.
no more cabin-fever.
no more anticipation.

The boys of summer are officially back.

I’m honored to share this wonderful day with all of my fellow baseball lovers across the U.S.A. (and Honest Abe, too).  Happy 200th, BTW.

The annual rite of spring has arrived.  Crack out the lumber and the pine tar.  The bases and home plate.  The cowhide and the ballcaps. 

But, most importantly…bring on the ballplayers and their devoted fans.  Without fans to fill the seats, the ballplayers and their respective teams mean nothing. 

I hope and pray the 2009 season is fulfilling for me, personally.  I have my goals in place and I’m ready.  For me, it’s been a helluva long offseason. 

Coming off their first postseason appearance in 26 long, agonizing years, the Milwaukee Brewers look to encore last season’s triumphant return to the playoffs with the entire offensive roster coming back fully intact.

Here’s my projected 2009 Brewers lineup:

1.  Rickie Weeks (by default)
2.  J.J. Hardy (the most underrated SS in all of baseball)
3.  Ryan Braun (absolute freak)
4.  Prince Fielder (signed and looking in shape)
5.  Corey Hart (you better rebound, buddy)
6.  Mike Cameron (take a few pitches, wouldya?)
7.  Third baseman (whoever wins this job, his name better not be Bill Hall)
8.  Jason Kendall (I’ll take his weak bat for that defensive prowess)

Here’s my projected 2009 starting rotation:

1. Yovanni Gallardo (one of the top young pitchers in the game-remember his name)
2. Braden Looper (great signing)
3. Manny Parra (young lefty stud would be perfect in the 3 spot between righties)
4. David Bush (workhorse)
5. Jeff Suppan (where’s that 2006 Cardinals form?)

I admit, before Looper was signed, I wasn’t feeling warm and fuzzy all over.  It’s amazing how one relatively low-key signing can change all of that.

I think we’re ready. 
I’m sure-as-hell ready!

Here’s to lots of home runs by the home team coming my way…!

Days left until “Happy” reports to Spring Training…



  1. Kaybee

    Great entry! This is so exciting! Here’s hoping the Padres will have some fans in the seats at all… 🙂 And here’s hoping that Trevor will get 40-50 saves, go to the All-Star games AND win a World Series. Go Trevor!

  2. rockymountainway

    Every nice day we have in Colorado I get more excited man, until I wake up today and freakin snow is everywhere! Ahh spring already, give me spring. Lookin at the road/schedule I’ll be in Houston the first week of June but they play the Brewers soon after so I was thinking of driving straight north to catch at least a game. If that pans out I’ll give you the heads up and maybe grab a beer of the like with the man in yellow!

  3. juliasrants

    Happy – the history lover in me comes out (and I taught it in school all week!), yesterday, February 12th would have been honest Abe’s 200 birthday as well as the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. Which of course was the day that the Red Sox pitchers & catchers reported! I am just so glad that baseball is back!


  4. happyyoungster

    wow-that would mean the 2009 season was a success AND the Scrubs, err, the Cubs lost! WooHoo!!
    BTW, did you know the Brewers are doing a Trevor Hoffman bobblehead? I just might have to get one for you!

    I’m glad “Cam” is still with the Brewers. My season ticket seats are in right-center field (behind and to the right of him in center) and he hooked me up quite a few times last season. A real stand-up guy.
    As far as J.J., he’s awesome-not walking or talking yet, but he’ll be fine (lol).

    come on up! Stop in St. Louis for that series and come right on up to Milwaukee. Just give me the word. That would be awesome.


  5. happyyoungster

    you are not alone. This has been the longest offseason of my life. Coming off the successes of ’09, it will be a challenge for the Brewers to match last years dramatics. They can do it.


  6. metmainman

    That lineup looks pretty good. But the rotation lacks a proven ace and a lot of those guys have been hurt a lot.
    And check out the HUGE project on my blog that I need everyone’s opinion for! Its a group project so I need your help.

  7. bigpapi72

    I agree about Hardy being the most overrated shortstop in the majors. In the A.L. it is probably Jed Lowrie. I know people probably think I’m just saying this because I’m a Red Sox fan but he gets overlooked by playing with the Red Sox. Last year if he played the whole season his season would have been a lot better then Derek Jeter’s. Can’t wait to seewhat Hardy and Lowrie will do this year.


    P.S.- Thanks for the visit.

  8. happyyoungster

    You are right. We are relying on a few unknown entering the season. But, if Gallardo and Parra are what we think they are, we have our two quality aces. Believe it. They’re both unbelievably good. Signing Looper was huge and Dave Bush is a proven horse. Suppan is just bad-plain and simple.
    I’ll check out the project you got going on and see if I can help.

    I’ll pay attention to Lowrie this season. Thanks for the heads up!


  9. happyyoungster

    that’s pretty funny. Honestly, I saw him at the Brewers Winter festival and he looked pretty yoked up!

    My lord it’s been a long time coming.

    thanks-same to you guys.


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