Braden Looper set to join the BrewCrew

This may not be the attention-grabbing headline many of you reading this might be used to (ie. Boston’s and New York’s of the world), but this one is huge for Milwaukee.

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, Looper has agreed in principle to a 1 yr. deal with some sort of option for 2010. 
This makes me much more comfortable than I was a week ago.  Not cocky…just a little warm and fuzzy on the inside (know what I mean?)

Not only are we getting a respectable starting pitcher, but we’re getting one that would have led our team in innings pitched last year (199).  That’s an enormous boost to a staff decimated by the free agent losses of Sabathia and Sheets.

Here’s the newest Brewer pitching for the Cardinals last season…
braden looper cardinals.jpgHe had a pretty respectable pitching line last season.
4.16 ERA
199 Innings pitched
108 K’s to only 45 walks

Not to mention the guy can hit, too.
He had a .254 Batting Average last year…that’s better than our 2nd basemen Rickie Weeks.
Also, he has quality sacrifice bunting skills that are not to be overlooked.

Okay Boston-okay New York,
it’s not exactly the signing of John Smoltz or A.J. Burnett.  But, he will make Milwaukee a better team. 
Count on it.

After all, somebody has to beat the Cubs.



  1. happyyoungster

    I know exactly what you mean!
    BTW, I was a little late, but I signed your letter to Bud. You needed a local on that list considering Bud was born and raised here in Milwaukee!


  2. Elizabeth D

    Nice signing! I go to Marlins games sometimes as I have been pretty much all my life, and I remember not liking Looper as a reliever, so I called him Looper the Pooper. I know he’s gotten better now though. He’ll really help your staff and get some hits every now and then. Better average than Varitek

  3. happyyoungster

    yeah, I like the Cubs about as much as I like poison ivy, the flu bug, traffic jams, heavy snowfall, wet shoes, bad breath and liars. Feel me??

    “Looper the Pooper” LOL! So, if I yell that to him, will he have flashbacks?
    I hope I’m calling him “Super Looper” before too long.


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