Jackson James (J.J.) 8 lbs. 9 ozs.

Well, we are all back home.  With us-a new baby boy.  Healthy and happy, nursing, sleeping and pooping.  Right on, little man.  The Mrs. is doing just fine, too!

Jack was born at 4:11 a.m. on Friday the 30th of January at Elmbrook Hospital in Brookfield, WI.  I can’t thank the staff at Elmbrook enough for the special treatment (no, not because I’m the Happy Youngster-they treat everyone special).  If you know anyone in Southeast Wisconsin, tell them to have their babies at Elmbrook!

Anyway, the work joy now has just begun.  Shame on me for calling it work.  Parenting is not work…it’s a privelege and a blessing.  I can’t tell you how many times over the past three days that I have thanked the Lord for all my blessings.  Now, I’m not the religious type, but I do have strong faith.  I think there’s a difference.  With each day that passes by, I feel like I figure out more and more what’s really important in life.  Yeah…catching baseballs, getting autographs, seeing the Brewers win…these are all important.  But, they pale in comparison to rearing a child the right way.  Especially in today’s society.  We all have our ideals as to how to rear children…I’ll spare you mine.  Let’s just say I’m a bit old-fashioned and conservative.  Shower them with love, show them the way, explain things vs. yelling things, read them books, tuck them in at night, never feel shy about showing them public affection, and on and on and on.

I’ve learned a bit about parenting from my 3-year old.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  When people ask me how old she is…I say, “three going on sixteen.”  Enough said.

My lovely wife needs props, too!  She’s unbelievable. 
You remember the story about the Brewers Fan Festival a week back?  If you forgot, here’s a refresher.  Anyway, she goes to this event with me, stands in line for a few hours waiting to get in, ready to give birth any minute.  Then, once we get in-she stands in another line just so I could get a Prince Fielder home run ball signed. 

Talk about a loyal wife…trust me-I’m grateful. 
Our kids are lucky to have a Mom like her.

So, as our family grows, so does our outlook on life. 
It’s great to be alive!!



  1. Kaybee

    Congratulations to you and your family, Happy! I am so glad it went well, I was praying for you a lot during the weekend. Life is such a blessing, and we should be grateful for every day that we’re given. Great entry, and congrats again! This is so exciting!

  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Congratulations, Happy! I’m glad it went well, and I’m glad your son and wife are both healthy. Hope your daughter is enjoying her new little brother! If she’s anything like I was when my brother was born, she’s having a blast! 🙂

  3. juliasrants

    Happy – CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family! I am delighted that everything went well. My boys are much older then your children – but being a parent is the hardest, most rewarding job you can ever have! And I’m bias – but you will LOVE having a son! Enjoy the time now – they grow so very quickly.


  4. happyyoungster

    the prayers were answered!

    thank you!

    She’s lovin’ it!!

    thanks for the kind words.


  5. Elizabeth D

    OMG, CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby boy!! I am so glad to hear that he is well and healthy, I was praying for him! I’m the older sister as well, by three years nonetheless!! You and your wife sound to me like you’re great parents!! You have a great outlook on life, and I hope you and your family continue to be “happy”

  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Happy, great work my friend. Congratulations to you, your wife and new baby JJ. LOOK OUT…Baby Paul has some competition now :)…Enjoy your new life buddy, the addition of another puts a new twist on things, but a curveball is nothing new to you…D

  7. hooksfan

    Congrats on the new addition. I hope that the wife, the little J.J. and yourself are doing fine. Kids are truly a blessing. Being old fashioned myself I trying to raise my boys the way that my father raised me because mannerisms in this world are truly lacking. My only regret is that my father passed away before our youngest son was born. When I use to run, people usually asked me how dedicated of a runner I was….my answer was that our son was born on a non-running day.


  8. badseed57

    congrats on the little guy. with any luck, the little one can bring some success to the brew crew this year. my first was born just a couple months before the Red Sox ended their 86 years of misery.

  9. saints20

    Hey Happy, Congratulations on JJ, Im glad that your faithfull wife is doing great, enjoy the time you have with him as well as your 3 year old girl, Congrats again


  10. happyyoungster

    Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful prayers!

    right on!

    Thanks-your #1!!!! Way to go Julia!!

    Thank you. You seem to have it figured out!

    I could only hope for that kind of fortune with the Brewers!

    Thank you so very much!


  11. happyyoungster

    Thanks, Mark! Tell your little guy to get that glove oiled up-the boys of summer are back!!


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