Fan Fest a success!

First of all, no baby…yet.  Just a false alarm (10-76 in police code) last night.
                                                Any day now, little fella!
baby crying caricature.jpg
So, the Milwaukee Brewers On Deck event was a success.

Apparently, people started lining up @ 5am in the freezing cold so they could guarantee a spot in some of the autograph lines (Brewers fans are nuts-me included).

Trevor was officially introduced to Milwaukee.

Here are some pictures I promised Padres blogger – Kaybee of the man…
Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 001.jpgTrevor Hoffman brought out on stage by Mr. Baseball-Bob Uecker to a packed auditorium at the Riverside Theater.  They concluded the show (in true “closer” fashion) with his introduction…and played “Hell’s Bells” to him walking out.

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 002.jpgBob Uecker asking Trevor, “why Milwaukee?”

To which Trevor responded, “Coach Macha, Owner Mark Attanasio and former teammate Mike Cameron all showed a lot of interest in me coming to Milwaukee.  ‘Cam’ said Milwaukee’s a great place to play and the fans really come out to support the team.”

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 003.jpgTrevor about to tell Uecker that he’s “pumped about being the new kid on the block.”  Trevor also said, “it’s like being re-energized.”

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 004.jpgTrevor talking about his new teammate Tony Gwynn, Jr.  He said, “the first time I saw Anthony, (we called him Anthony back then) he was about 10 years old and about this big.  Now, he’s a grown man and his talent has developed.” 

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 005.jpgTrevor donning his new Brewers jersey…signing a baseball for a fan that has one sweet cow-lick.

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 006.jpgTrevor inking another baseball…damn, he looks good in that uniform!

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 008.jpgIt’s about to be Trevor Time in Milwaukee!!

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 009.jpgHere you go young man…one signed baseball from the greatest closer the game has ever seen.

Trevor Hoffman @ Brewers On Deck 010.jpgTrevor with one of his newest fans…(not the Happy Youngster).

Man, I can’t wait to see this guy run out of the pen for the first time!!

     The day also included the introduction of a few of the Brewers newest coaches.

Brewers coaches @ On Deck 002.jpg
From left to right-
New 3rd base coach-Brad Fischer.
New hitting coach (re-assigned to) Dale Sveum.
New bench coach-Willie Randolph.

Lots of experience on this staff.  Not pictured is new Manager-Ken Macha.

The day also included autographs!!

     Here’s some befor
e and after photos of the items we had signed…

Ryan Braun authentic jersey.

Thumbnail image for Braun 1982 jersey.jpgand

autographed Braun jersey.jpg 
Ryan Braun poster

Thumbnail image for braun poster.jpgand

autographed Braun Bomber poster.jpgSweet…

     Here’s a picture of the young stud signing some autographs…
Braun signing @ On Deck 09 001.jpg
And remember the three game home run baseballs I wanted to have signed by Prince Fielder?

Well, we were only able to get one signed, so I chose the one from July 7, 2008 to be the one.  We asked him to inscribe “97th career home run” next to his signature.  He asked a nearby volunteer how to spell the word “career.” 
Hey, at least the guy can play baseball…!

The other two game home runs from Fielder will have to wait for another day to be signed.

All in all, a great day.

Go Brewers!


  1. juliasrants

    Happy – It seems like you had a great time and I know Kaybee will love the pictures! Glad the “baby watch” was just a false alarm so that you could go. Hope your son arrives soon! I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Kaybee

    Aw man, thanks so much!! Those are pretty amazing, and though he looks a million times better in a Padres uniform, I will give in and say that he looks decent in the Brewers uniform. Sounds like it was a great event!! Thanks again-I will be staring at them for a long time!!

  3. Elizabeth D

    I’m glad it was all a success! Do you think they’ll use ‘Hells Bells’ every time he comes out now? Congrats on getting everything autographed, I really like Ryan Braun.
    I’m sure that you’re aware that he went to University of Miami, but that’s within walking distance of my house. In fact, I probably saw him at a college game when I was younger.

  4. happyyoungster

    thank you so very much-you are truly a good person!

    I know a place that will frame a jersey for me for around $250.
    I held back a chuckle when Fielder asked how to spell “career”-they don’t pay him for his grammar skills!

    Glad I could help.

    They will play “Hell’s Bells”-absolutely.
    Yeah, Ryan Braun is a stud. I wish I could have seen him play for U Miami-that would’ve been sweet!


  5. Jane Heller

    So glad you got to go, Happy. I was sure you’d be in the delivery room! I love that Brewers fans camped out in the cold at 5 a.m. Very impressive demonstration. Somehow, I’d forgotten that Willie Randolph is a Brewer now. He was a favorite Yankee of mine, so I hope you guys will treat him well and vice versa.

  6. welikeroywelikeroy

    Looks like a great day. That is a very cool poster of Braun.

    Responding to your question on my blog: I would rank Molitor in the top 10 all-time Blue Jays, even though he didn’t play here that long. Fact was for his time here, 3 years including the 1994 strike season, Molitor embraced the team and got his well-deserved championship. The notion that a class-guy, like Molitor, wanted to come to Toronto in his hall-of-fame career made me feel proud to be a Jays fan. I remember when we aquired him. I thought: “Molitor is actually coming here?” In 1993 Molitor hit .332 for the Jays, he helped us in a number of ways being part of the Alomar, Olerud and Molitor combo that finish 1,2 and 3 that year in American League batting average. Although he didn’t play here long, I’d put him in the top 10 Jays all-time list.

    My list is always changing, but it goes something like this.

    1. Roberto Alomar
    2. Carlos Delgado (holds many Jays hitting records)
    3. Roy Halladay (based on the future and the fact he is already my personal favorite Jay of all-time)
    4. Dave Stieb (pitched amazing here for so many years)
    5. Tony Fernandez (holds the record for most hits as a Jay)
    6. Joe Carter (hit the big one! Anchored the lineup for many years)
    7. Paul Molitor (I have him at number 7 all time! Pretty good for a guy that played here 3 years)
    8. Devon White
    9. Jimmy Key
    10. Tom Henke

  7. happyyoungster

    yeah, Brewers fans are crazy.
    Willie Randolph was an excellent ballplayer and will make an excellent addition to our staff-we’ll make him feel at home.

    thanks for the awesome list. Some great names on that list!


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