Brewers Fan Fest…Happy’s gameplan

Tonight (Jan. 23rd), here in Milwaukee, the Brewers will be holding their “Winter Warmup” event which will be emceed by Bob Uecker.  Many of the Brewers current roster will be in attendance.

The event tonight will be held at an historic downtown theater called the Pabst Theater.
I’m not getting my hopes up for tonight’s event…it seems like there won’t be many autograph/meet opportunities, just presentation type stuff.

But, the Brewers “On Deck” event, to be held Saturday, looks to be much more rewarding.

Not only will the Brewers be holding their Trevor Hoffman press conference, but they’ve also added Prince Fielder to the lineup of attendees.  Maybe they’ll hold a Prince Fielder announcement as well regarding his new 2-yr contract.

There is a long lineup of autograph opportunities available on Saturday. 
I’ve combed through the list, I’ve checked the prices and I’ve looked through my collection.
Who do I want autographs from?

Here’s my gameplan…(I always have a gameplan-it’s essential).

Get there early and get in line-everybody’s gonna want Ryan Braun’s autograph.  With only 250 autograph coupons available, they’ll be gone fast.  1 autograph ticket per person/per player.  I have to get there early with my daughter and we have to be among the first 250 people at the Ryan Braun autograph pay station.  I figure I’ll throw her little rear-end on my shoulders and make the mad dash!  Otherwise, she might get trampled by crazy Brewers fans like myself…shame, shame.

Ryan Braun profile photo.jpg     Here’s what I’m going to try to get signed by Ryan Braun…
Braun 1982 jersey.jpgIt’s my authentic Milwaukee Brewers retro Friday version of Ryan’s rookie jersey.  Straight from MLB and ready to be signed and framed…hopefully!!

Here’s what my daughter would like to get signed (at my discretion, of course-she’s only 3)…
braun poster.jpgOur Braunie Bomber poster…that would look sweet signed and framed, wouldn’t it?

  When you get an item signed by a player, tell him exactly what you want.  Also, tell him where you want the autograph.  That way, there’s no confusion and you won’t be letdown.

My next course of action (if I’m lucky enough) will be to jump into Prince Fielder’s autograph line.  Like I said earlier, only 250 autograph coupons are available per player/per person.  That’s not a lot when you consider there will probably be over 10,000 fans in attendance.

Thumbnail image for fielder profile photo.jpg     Here’s what I’d like to get signed by the big bopper-Prince Fielder…
Prince Fielder (3) home run baseballs.jpgOf the 114 career home runs Prince Fielder has hit, 3 have safely found a home in my glove.
Career home run # 61
Career home run # 67
Career home run # 97
I’d like to get those signed and dated before he gets traded out of town.

If I’m able to get those autographs, my day will be complete.

Of course, I’ll be taking a ton of pictures for a great big blog that will be coming, too.
Kaybee, I haven’t forgotten about you…you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Ballhawk Shawn

    Nick! I do apologize for not getting back to you in regards to the extra ticket. It may sound like I’m making things up here, but my cell phone no longer gives me notifications when I get a voice mail, rather it puts the “new voice mail” icon up at all times. I called my voice mail tonight on the off chance that I had one, and it turns out I missed a few of your calls. I really appreciate the invite, but I could not have gone on account of my recently broken toe… crutches for a week yet, then things should be ok. Again, I’m sorry for not returning your calls, I appreciate the invite and I hope you found someone to fill that extra seat.

    Thanks again, think spring!


  2. Kaybee

    Oh man-today’s the day that Trevor officialally becomes a Brewer. Where is my support group?? Anyways, I hope you have a great great time with lots of picture-taking. I will be sitting in front of the computer, refreshing your blog every three seconds all day…well, not really, but you know what I mean. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

  3. Cubby


    Hope you got in line early enough… I was going to take TJ to get that Braun Home run (Braun Bobble head day) ball signed, but Kayla ended up with 2 basketball games today. We need to get that thing signed someday.


  4. happyyoungster

    no baby yet-just a false alarm!

    thank you!

    I’d like to think so. Besides, most of them are normal people who happen to make ungodly amounts of cash.

    they’re up!

    same to you bro!

    thank you-she will!

    you’re alive!!

    I hope I didn’t disappoint!

    thanks for stopping by! Whaddya think? I hope she (Kayla) did well at the games.


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