Lambeau “I love you”

I have returned from my parents home in the shadows of Lambeau Field.  My excursion to the hallowed grounds is over.  And, so is the 2008 football season for “Wisconsinites.”

It was a short drive up Interstate 43 from Milwaukee to Green Bay.  I stayed at my parents house Saturday night (just a hop, skip and a jump from the legendary battlegrounds).

               I had a little too much fun Saturday night with one of my childhood friends. 
drunk people.jpg                                             Not us…damn litterbugs.

drunk broad.jpgDon’t know her…I had to make this picture smaller for the entry (want people to come back to my blog).
I apologize in advance if this is someone’s girlfriend/wife/mom/daughter/lover/etc. šŸ˜‰

batman drunk passed out.jpg                  Bruce Wayne…err…Batman drunk on expensive wine again? 
                     Not me either.  This guy doesn’t do those tights justice.

You get the point.

After about 4 hours of sleep into Sunday morning…I woke up not feeling so good. 

So, after a breakfast consisting of this…
sierra mist can.jpg                              (Mom always said it would “quiet” the tummy)
                                            I began my slow recovery.

But, still felt like this…
molasses.jpgin the wintertime.

                  I felt like I was losing the battle…until we drove up and I saw this…
lambeau pic.jpgIt was like a beacon guiding me to the promised land.
A ray of hope.

                     Then, I ran into the founding father…Earl Louis “Curly” Lambeau.
curly lambeau statue.jpg                                 I looked up at the man, asking for direction. 
                            I heard him whisper, “go.  I shall show you the way.”

Little did I know, he was directing me to this man…
vince lombardi statue.jpg                     Vincent T. Lombardi, himself.  The man, the myth, the legend.

There he stood.  Such a stoic figure looking down upon me. 
It was my moment of truth.  I could either run and hide OR I could “man-up.”

I heard him say, “get yourself together, young man” (actually, he yelled it).
“If you will represent PackerBackers under my watch, you will act like a man!” 
Staring into the eyes of our heroic leader, I decided it was time to put up or shut up.

So, we headed here…
krolls.jpgLiterally, in the shadows of Lambeau Field, Kroll’s West is a must stop for anyone who ventures to Titletown.  Heck, I grew up near Green Bay, and still can’t get enough!

     Here was my view waiting in line…
DSCN1847.JPG     And a picture of my actual recovery meal…
DSCN1844.JPGnothing-I mean nothing, beats a Kroll’s burger on gameday.

After eating that, I felt as good as new!  Like a gift from the heavens…thanks Mr. Lombardi.
Thank you Kroll’s Restaurant/Bar!

Now, it was gametime.

I’ll spare you the details.  You probably heard what happened.  If you didn’t, let me tell you.


That’s all you really need to know…poor Lions.
I’m just relieved the Packers didn’t choke under the pressure (the ghost of Lombardi works in mysterious ways, you know).

After the game, we headed back (you guessed it) to Kroll’s!

     I had my ceremonious post-game meal…
DSCN1848.JPG     Kroll’s chili…second to none…simply, the best.

Can someone say…

So worth it.

After my meal, I went to wish some of the players well into their offseason.

As an avid sports memorabilia collector, I was able to get a few items signed by some of the Packers star players.

Former Heisman Trophy Winner Charles Woodson was gracious enough to sign the Packers mini helmet pictured below.
signed minis from 122908 001.jpg
charles woodson action.jpgCHARLES WOODSON 2008 Statistics:
7 Interceptions/2 Defensive Touchdowns/3 Sacks
2008 Pro Bowl Selection

Rising NFL star Greg Jennings also was kind enough to stop and sign a collectible helmet for me.
signed minis from 122908 002.jpggreg jennings action.jpgGREG JENNINGS 2008 Statistics:
80 Receptions/1292 Yards/9 Touchdowns
2008 Pro Bowl Selection (1st Alternate)

Thank you Mr. Woodson and Mr. Jennings for taking the time to add to our collection.

Helluva good time had by all!!

Now, forget snowballs…bring on the baseballs!!


  1. juliasrants

    Ouch! Well, I guess you had a good time! It is fun when you get a chance to see old friends again – and meet new ones! My husband & I had a funny run in with “Spiderman” a few years back.

    Happy New Year and I hope you’re feeling better!


  2. Jane Heller

    Quite an adventure – for you and your stomach! (Love the shot of the Kroll’s burger. Will have to try one if I’m ever in that part of the world.) Glad you got to go to the game as well as get signatures for your collection, which must be huge by now.

  3. happyyoungster

    An adventure all the way around.
    It’s always a load of fun. As far as this offseason is concerned, this may be the longest one of my life!
    Julia x 2…
    I had a blast. Thanks for visiting the site!! I will certainly do a blog post when our son is born.


  4. Elizabeth D

    That’s so cool that you got some of the Packers to sign your memorabilia Happy!
    Also, good to hear you’re feeling better after that night of yours. And perhaps Batman is just trying to protect Harvey Dent (again..). That burger looks amazing, and very nice ceremonious meal after every game :).

  5. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, “Happy” …

    Looks like you had a “great” time !!! … You had to be inspired by Vince Lombardi, as that monument of Lombardi is “awesome” !!! … Also, I just noticed that you included my blog on your Blogs “Link List” … Thanks, Happy !!! … I have returned the favor by listing you excellent mlblog on my “Link Lists” … Thanks, again !!! … Happy, enjoy your New Years Eve, and Day, celebrations; and, Best Wishes for a Very Happy and Healthy New Year !!! … Baseball will be here soon, so: “Think Spring” !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

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