The key to the Brewers 2009 season…Ben Sheets.

To my Milwaukee Brewers fan readers,

No, I am not crazy (at least not diagnosed, anyway).

Over the last few weeks, I have had a startling revelation.
I believe that the success of the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers lies with the re-signing of this man.
sheets pitching.jpg                                                 Ben Sheets

Here’s my reasoning:

1.  We know him best – We drafted him in 1999 with the 10th overall pick.  We groomed him and we brought him up.

2.  4X All Star – The guy has nasty stuff…4-seam fastball clocked around 96 mph, a devastating 12 to 6 curve and an occasional changeup.

3.  Top of the rotation starter – Ben has made six (6) opening day starts for the Brewers since making it to the big leagues.

4.  Keep pace with the hated Cubs – Bringing back Sheets would put us in good shape to keep up with the Scrubs…errr…Cubs.  The Cubs throw out Zambrano, Dempster, Lilly, Harden and possibly Marshall (helluva rotation).  Without Sheets, we can’t match up.

5.  Very little depth – The Brewers don’t have jack for starting pitching depth in their system.

6.  Rotation in need of boost – After losing C.C. to the Yanks, it would be devastating to that rotation if we also lost Sheets.

7.  Market has dried up –  Available quality starting pitchers on the free agent market have vanished.  Many of the good ones that are left do not wish to work in Milwaukee.

8.  Slow market for Sheets – Due to his injury history, the market has not developed like most had expected.  This could result in a discounted price to bring him back.  Which would also give Sheets a chance to re-establish himself on the market.

Considering these points…what’s the alternative?

-Comb the scrap heap in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough?
-Not doing anything and go into the season riding the potential of Gallardo and Parra?
And get whooped on by the Cubs in the process?
-Hope and pray that everyone stays healthy and overachieves?

I think not.
Still think I’m crazy?

If the Texas Rangers can’t move payroll and the New York Yankees bring back Andy Pettitte, I think the Milwaukee Brewers have a legitimate shot at bringing “Sheeter’s heater” back at around 25 million for 2 yrs.  Maybe even on a 1 yr. deal for the 12-13 million he would have received if he had accepted arbitration.

Whaddya think?
I think the 2009 season depends on it.


  1. Kaybee

    That’s actually a pretty good idea. It’s the perfect situation for you guys. I would love for him to come to the Padres, but we don’t have enough money for him 😦 I don’t think the Yankees need any more star players, that’s for sure.

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