Think Spring!

            The man pictured below is the reason the hot stove has cooled, considerably.
mark teixeira pic.jpgMark Teixeira waves to Angels fans as if to say, “It’s been a great two months, please forward my fan mail to the east coast.”

                    Unfortunately, the hot stove is not the only thing that has cooled off.
wisconsin map pic.jpg
During the cold months, I ask myself the following question almost daily…

“Why on earth do I live in this part of our great nation?”

                                                                Do I ski?
skiing pic.jpg                                                             NOPE.

                                                      Do I snowboard?
Snowboarding pic.jpeg                                                             NOPE.

                                                     Do I snowmobile?
snowmobiling pic.jpg                                                              NOPE.

                                                         Do I ice fish?
ice fishing pic.jpg                                  Used to.  But, not since moving to the city.

                               Although, I might start up again after seeing this…
bikini ice fishers pic.jpg                                               I need friends like these.

Where was I? 
I’m easily distracted.

Oh yeah, Wisconsin.

                                      Is it because of my favorite football team?
packers logo.jpg                      &
nbsp;                                       NOPE. 
I could fly to see them play.  Besides, they only play 8 regular season home games a season (only 3-4 of which I personally attend).

                      Why do I live in Wisconsin?

                 Take a look at some photos of the Milwaukee area over the past week.
milwaukee lakefront snow pic.jpg                                               ATTN:  Jake Peavy
                  I told you Milwaukee was a beautiful city…even in the winter months.

snow and lights pic.jpg                                                       Beautiful scene.
snow pic 2.jpg                             The ice scraper.  Milwaukeeans weapon of choice.
snow pic 3.jpg                                                     Shovels.  Ditto.
snow pic 5.jpg                      UW-Milwaukee students trudging to class during finals week.

snow pic 4.jpg                                                                 WOW!
snow pic 6.jpg                         Trucks loading salt to clear the roads and ruin our vehicles.
                        Milwaukee resident walking aimlessly in the wintery abyss.
snow pic 7.jpg                      Milwaukee area man arming himself with some tools of choice.

I must admit…I’m feeling mildly depressed.

                                          I think it’s time to think spring.
cactus pic.jpg
                                 Cactus League…here we come!


  1. flairforthedramatic

    Lol, love the picsz. Gotta say, I’m ready for spring too. I want to get the show on the road. The off season can be so boring when the only thing you can do is read tons of pointless stories all revolved around the same thing [ex: where Mark Teixeira/Manny Ramirez will end up]. Snow be gone! I want to see some baseball.
    V –

  2. happyyoungster

    that might be an understatement.
    actually, 55 days to be exact (as of this post)!
    couldn’t have said it better myself.
    I’ll never let it go.


  3. Elizabeth D

    I have to say, I’d rather live in Wisconsin then Florida. I’m wondering to myself: why is it 76 degrees in December?? It just doesn’t make sense. I’ve only seen snow once, but I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to go to college up north!

  4. jimmy27nyy

    “Happy” …

    “Awesome” pictures !!! … Like the title of your post states: “Think Spring” !!! … Before we all know it, “Spring Training” and the 2009 “Baseball Season” will be here !!! … Also, don’t feel too bad that Brett Favre left Green Bay to play for the Jets … He really hasn’t played too well the last few games, and the Jets are just about out of the playoffs … I am a Giants fan, though; so, maybe another Super Bowl to look forward to next month !!! … Happy, take care; and, keep up the great work on your blog !!!! Jimmy [27NYY] …

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    For some reason when I say I’m from Canada people automatically think I live in the Arctic or something. They don’t know that I actually live in Southern Ontario, which is is in fact a little more south than northern Wisconsin, northern Minnesota, North Dakota and North Montana. Still lots of snow here, but its darn cold where you are from. Nice to have a white Christmas though.

  6. happyyoungster

    I guess the old saying, “It’s always greener on the other side” is somewhat true. I say that because I wish I was in Arizona right about now!

    My Packers have really struggled without the Ironman. Everyone has their own opinion. I miss him.

    good point!


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