A “Penny” for your thoughts?

Most Brewers fans have come to terms on two things:

1.  Our two best starting pitchers from 2008 are long gone
jet pic.jpg
sabathia walking pic.jpg

                 C.C. walks to his waiting jet plane.  Destination=New York City

door co pic.jpgsheets waving.jpg

Ben and Seaver Sheets say goodbye to
“God’s Country”

and say “hello” to
texas logo.jpgAND

2.  We don’t plan on spending significant dollars on front-line free agent pitchers

crossed out dollar sign.jpg


If we won’t spend this…

wad of money pic.jpg
How about this?

penny picture.jpg
Well, not really.
But, we would get this guy.
brad penny pic 1.jpgCould be a good #2 addition sandwiched between Yovani Gallardo and Manny Parra.

brad penny pic 2.jpg                                    Plays with passion (usually a good thing).

brad penny pic 3.jpgJust cut the sleeves off that flannel and he’ll fit right in with the laid back country folks of Wisconsin (maybe swap that hat out for a John Deere hat, too).

They say he’s working hard this offseason because things kinda fell apart in L.A. last year.  He has a proven track record and has a great groundball ratio (good for pitching at Miller Park).  He also seems to be determined to prove some people wrong.
I like pitchers with attitude.

Could get him for 2 yrs. 15 million…I don’t know-just a guess.
I say, “why not?”



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