Peavy to Cubs=DEAD!

Words cannot begin to explain how unbelievably daunted I felt around the beginning of December.  This is about the time the (hated) Chicago Cubs became serious suitors for the services of the spectacular Jake Peavy.

peavy pic.JPGWords cannot begin to explain how unbelievably amended I now feel (mid-December) that trade talks between the Padres and Cubs now appear to be dead.

Kinda went down like this…
Thumbnail image for scared picture.jpg

Hey, did you hear the Cubs are trading for Jake Peavy??


picture of excited cat.jpg

Don’t worry, that trade is most likely dead!!


I must admit, I’m not the cat type, but his (or her…how can you tell?) face says it all.

cartoon picture of runner.jpgWithout Peavy, the Cubs won 97 games and ran away with the N.L. Central Division during the 2008 season.

With Peavy, the Cubs would easily top 100 wins in ’09 and become an absolute powerhouse in the National League.

(they appeared to be just posing as powerhouses last year)

cubs choke logo.jpg

Did you know that Cubs is actually an acronym?

Stands for


Heard that one already, eh?

witch casting spell.jpg

Now, understand…I’m not the type that wishes ill will upon anyone.



voodoo doll pic.jpg

I don’t have a Cubs voodoo doll at home.

But come on…it’s the Cubs!!

I must conclude this on a positive note…

bartman 1.jpg 

Moises!!  You were so close!!

bartman 2.jpg

Another angle——————————->

bartman 3.jpg                                                          NO!!!

Only a team like the Cubs would blame their losing ways on one of their own dedicated and diehard fans.  What’ s a fan supposed to do when he sees a ball coming at his head?  Duck out of the way like a ninny?  Or, jump up like a stud and grab the damn thing?!!
Poor Bartman…Milwaukee is only 90 miles north.
Heck, I’ll even show him around.

Sorry, small tangent. 

Back to this man…
Either stay in San Diego or come to beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(Click here for travel info)


                   If you haven’t noticed, the Chicago Cubs bring out the worst in me.

smiley face.jpg



  1. Kaybee

    Nice entry! The cats are amazing. I’m really glad Jake didn’t get traded too. It would have been very complicated and why would he want to play for the Cubs? I just don’t get it. Well, hopefully he can just stick where he is for now. It might just be easier that way 🙂

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