Meet your 2009 Milwaukee Yankees!!

Okay, seriously…what the heck is going on? 

sabathia in yankee hat.jpg

cameron brewers pic.jpg

sheets pitching.jpg

billy hall pic.jpg

Are you serious??

Actually, I’m kind of flattered that the Yankees want half of our roster
(actually just about 16%).

I hope everything works out the best for all involved.

BTW, Cashman, you can have Bill Hall for the following…
bag of baseballs pic.jpg

chewing tobacco pouch.jpg

Just get accustomed to him taking the slow walk back to the dugout after a three (maybe 4) pitch strikeout.  Then, politely spitting his dip into the air out of frustration for all eyes (YES Network) to see.

Brewers fans certainly grew tired of this mental image…
hall striking out pic.jpg

As far as dipping is concerned…
francona dip in mouth.jpgthis man has nothing on Bill Hall.

So, the question is this:  If I was a fan of Sabathia, Cameron, Sheets and Hall last year as members of the Milwaukee Brewers, does that make me a small fan of the Bombers in ’09? 

I doubt it. 

But, I will certainly follow the Yanks box scores a little closer.



  1. Elizabeth D

    I’ve seen Tito go through buckets of Bubble Trouble in one game… he’s crazy, I don’t think he dips. Is Sheets a free agent? If so, did Milwaukee offer him arbitration? Cameron went to the Mets right?
    Getting Ivan Rodriguez would be interesting, I heard that the Sox offered Tek a deal (although the terms were not disclosed), and we might be letting Cash go. Perhaps Pudge is one of the players Theo is looking into.

  2. happyyoungster

    I stand corrected on the Terry Francona chewing tobacco comment.
    As you can see above, a few of our resident Red Sox experts have corrected my mistake.
    Sorry, Terry.


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