Happy’s Winter Meetings Wishlist…Starting Pitching Trade Possibilities

TO:  Doug Melvin GM – Milwaukee Brewers

(Feel free to print this checklist out and take it with you to the Winter Meetings)


Thumbnail image for zack greinke pic.jpg


Good young pitcher that might be available in exchange for a big-league ready hitter.  Under team control through 2010, Zack has only scratched the surface of his potential.

jeremy bonderman pic.jpg


Might be available for offense due to Tigers excessive investment in starting pitching.  Young and ready to bounce back after a down year in ’08.  He’s signed through 2010.

daniel cabrera pic.jpg


Signed through 2010, Cabrera has untapped potential.  The O’s might be ready to give up on him for some prospects.  Could be worth a shot for a team like the Brew Crew.

 boof bonser pic.jpg


Another candidate for a bounceback campaign, Bonser could be dealt for a 2nd baseman. 

bronson arroyo pic.jpeg


The Reds are apparently quietly listening to offers for Arroyo.  He’s durable and an absolute innings-eater.  Could be a decent pickup.

nate robertson.jpg


(See Jeremy Bonderman)

When you’re a smaller market team like the Milwaukee Brewers, you can’t battle with the big boys in terms of free agent spending.  That’s why trades become a more feasible option.  I don’t know what the Brewers plan to do, but one thing is for certain, they better add a legit starting pitcher to the mix if they want to contend again in ’09.



  1. Kaybee

    I like the idea of Bronson Arroyo going to the Brewers. He’s funny. The hair is rather strange, and I love it when the Padres face him, cause we usually do VERY well against him. In 2007, he once gave a walk-off walk to Kevin Kouzmanoff. I have no idea why he was pitching in the 9th inning, but I’ve liked him ever since.

  2. juliasrants

    If you get Arroyo you’ll also get a good singer so he can entertain the fans. The sad part about the offseason – how come we fans always know what’s better for the team then the GMs? Good luck! Hope you guys can pick up some good pitching.


  3. Jane Heller

    Greinke seems like a guy a lot of teams have their eye on. But the one that caught MY eye was Daniel Cabrera. I would LOVE it if he went to the Brewers and out of the AL East. When he’s on, he’s got nasty stuff and is tough to face. When he’s wild, he hits batters and sends them to the DL!


  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Your list is very good for the Brewers, here is the reason: I believe that there is a vast number of American pitchers get a bad rap, just because they up against tougher competition, also having to face the DH. I always thought Dave Bush was a good pitcher, he just got handed some tough breaks by some very good teams 2-3 years ago with the Jays (i.e. Yanks, Red Sox). He seems to be having limited success with the Brewers, but still steady.

    The NL is no pushover, but it definately is slightly more pitcher friendly. Of your list, most are American leaguers that have been ‘middle of the road’ talents (with the exception of Arroyo although he did come from the Red Sox).

    A move to the NL, with a new crop of hitters to face that are unfamiliar with them, no DH, bigger ballparks and a fresh start would probably be a good thing for those guys. Better than going to a place like Texas, “Where pitchers go to die!” Ask Kevin Millwood.

  5. happyyoungster

    Arroyo would be a good addition. I don’t know if that trade would happen, though, since they’re in the same division.

    Greinke is definitely a stud. But, he’s gonna be hard to pry away from the Royals due to the aforementioned interest in him.

    Good points!! Speaking of Kevin Millwood, latest rumors have Brewers GM Doug Melvin holding him in high regard. Possibly a potential trade. Good grief đŸ˜¦


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