Would Randy Johnson consider the Milwaukee Brewers?

So, I was sitting around the house day-dreaming about the ’09 ballhawking season when I came up with an interesting notion…what if the Brewers contacted Big Randy’s people and Big Randy’s people contacted the Brewers people and talked about a possible 1 yr. deal to come pitch for the Brew Crew??!!

Allow me to digress for a moment.

The Brewers rotation WILL lose two big guns to free agency.

sabathia pitching.jpg

Adios big boy.

C.C. Sabathia is looking down the barrel of a 6yr/140MM offer from the Yanks (probably more).

sheets pitching.jpg

Ol’ Benny boy will become permanently MIA instead of just every 5th day.

Ben Sheets is looking down the barrel of a much smaller gun this offseason.  One that will still pay him 2-3 yrs @ 14-15MM per year.

Which leads me to the guys who will actually be there in 2009.

gallardo pitching.jpg                                                      Ace            
                                  YOVANI GALLARDO

question mark pic.jpg                                                           #2 Pitcher          
               That’s a big question mark…insert “Big Unit” here (more about that later)

bush pitching.jpg                                                        #3 Pitcher
                                   DAVE BUSH…steady and reliable.

parra pitching.jpg                                                        #4 Pitcher
                              MANNY PARRA…young lefty full of ace potential.

suppan pitching.jpg                                                          #5 Pitcher
                   JEFF SUPPAN…what else we going to do with him and his salary?

Which leads me back to Randy Johnson. 

Here are a few things of note:

1.  The man is not returning to pitch for the D’backs.  This we know.  They offered him 2-3 million to come back in ’09.  He said he would’ve settled for 8 million. 
2.  He seeks a 1 yr. deal.  Low risk/high return.
3.  He is left-handed.
4.  He still throws heat.
5.  He is 5 wins shy of the elite 300 win club.
(imagine the marketing opportunities…souvenir flamethrowers, anyone?)
6.  He still has gas left in the tank. 

Take a look at his 2008 statistics

-30 starts
-11 wins/10 losses
-3.91 ERA
-.260 Batting Average Against
-184 Innings Pitched
-173 K’s


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randy johnson hand in camera.jpg

This blog post endorsed by:
The Milwaukee Brewers # 1 Fan and ballhawk “The Happy Youngster”


  1. Jane Heller

    Are you SURE you want the Big Unit? He was such a grumpy guy when he was a Yankee. Not good on the mound or in the clubhouse. I know he produced for the Diamondbacks so maybe he’s better in the NL and would help the Brewers. Worth thinking about anyway.


  2. happyyoungster

    Yeah, I know Randy can be kind of a jerk. Keep the old man happy and everything could be fine. Give him space. Milwaukee’s perfect. He doesn’t handle media well. Milwaukee is small…enough space for a guy like that. What the hell do I know? I just want wins, you know?

    Funny story about ol’ Randy…
    this story is rated PG…
    don’t read it if you’re easily offended…

    okay, you’re still curious…

    The meanest look I have ever received was from Randy “Big Unit” Johnson.
    It was summer of 2000. Randy was shagging baseballs near the warning track during BP at old Milwaukee County Stadium.

    So, I said…”Hey Randy, your nickname’s the “Big Unit” so why do they call you shorty in the locker room?
    I thought it was funny.
    I usually don’t heckle, but I made an exception for Randy.

  3. Kaybee

    Well, if you need pitching, sometimes you get desperate! I really don’t know why we haven’t got TG jr yet. I think we tried a few years ago, but the Brewers didn’t want to give him up. I saw his first game at Petco last year, and he can certainly hit there! Our outfield situation is pretty good right now, but we might get him. Seriously, he is not having a good time over there. He keeps going up and down and up and down.

  4. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I hope your gut feeling is right about Varitek accepting the arbitration, even if he wants a multi-year deal, I think he’d do anything to stay with the Sox. I think that’s one of Theo’s plans as well (signing a younger catcher to learn from Varitek). Hopefully, that wouldn’t mean a reduced role in Varitek’s playing time because that’s not what he wants. It’d be great if Theo could sit down with him and discuss what he would want Varitek to do in 2009 so that Varitek could see whether or not arbitration would benefit him. I guess that doesn’t float Theo’s boat though.

    Too bad the Brewers are losing some good pitchers, but I think signing Randy could be beneficial. At least he’s only seeking a one year deal.. it’s not TOO risky (but still a little of course because of his age).

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Johnson’s command is getting better, because he knows he can blow hitters away anymore. I still don’t value him as an ace, or even anywhere close to where he was. Although, he did have an ERA that was 2.56 and he struck out 91 in 98 1/3 innings. Great numbers!

    The guy might be a steal, but with stealing anything as you well know, there is always the risk.

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