The Milwaukee Brewers are not looking for a big money closer!!

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is over, let’s get back to business.

Contrary to what many “experts” believe, the Milwaukee Brewers are not looking to sign a big money closer this offseason.

francisco rodriguez pic.jpg

Future Met.

fuentes pic.jpg

Future Redbird.

I base this assessment not on weak self-opinion, but on some comments Doug Melvin made a few weeks back.

Melvin mentioned hard-throwing right-hander Seth McClung as an
internal option to try as closer. He said he didn’t plan to bid on
high-priced free agent closers such as Francisco Rodriguez and Brian

mcclung picture.jpg


Good internal option and a helluva nice guy off the field.  On the field, he’s mean as hell.  Has the right mentality for a closer.

not going to spend a big chunk of money on a closer,” said Melvin.
“We’ve found closers in the past. You usually don’t find that out until
later (in the off-season).

“It’s way too early at this point.”

If anyone knows Doug Melvin around here in Milwaukee, it’s that he’s usually honest when asked about certain rumors/musings.

doug melvin pic.jpg


I don’t want to hear about how Melvin has thrown big money in the past at closers.  Over a larger sampling of his track record, this is simply not true. 


Good GM.

francisco cordero picture.jpg

Melvin did make a multi-million dollar offer to Francisco Cordero
after the ’07 season.  That’s because Cordero was lights out for him and he
wanted to make an effort to retain one of his own.

He signed for a tad more to join the Reds.

gagne picture.jpg

Melvin did sign Eric Gagne to a 10 Million dollar deal.  That was only for 1-year.  Low risk with a potential for a large reward. 

didn’t work out.

Don’t expect Doug Melvin to put big money into his closer entering ’09.

Just one diehard’s opinion.


  1. Jane Heller

    Yes, Julia. The Red Sox did make the Gagne mistake! It happens. And the Yankees, btw, have had some good free agent signings along with the not-so-good ones. (Whew, got that off my chest.) About closers, Happy, it’s funny about your photo of K-Rod. He really does look like a Met. Who knows what’ll happen but I’m guessing he’ll go there.

  2. Jane Heller

    Whoa. Now you’re having the switcheroo thing going on in your comments section, Happy. (Mine pops up before Julia’s and it should be the other way around.) It’s been happening on my blog and I see you have the problem too. Hmm.

  3. juliasrants

    Spending big money doesn’t always get you the team that you want – just ask the Yankees! Good farm systems can be very successful and looking around for the player who’s the right fit for the team is really more important, I think, then just signing a big name. And don’t worry about the Gagne “mistake” – the Red Sox made that one also!


  4. Kaybee

    Hey, do you think the Brewers would be interested in a Hall of Famer free agent Trevor Hoffman? He certainly won’t be that cheap, but he’s just looking for a couple more years. But maybe you guys want a long-time solution. I guess it’s all speculation. I can’t wait til things truly heat up in the Hot Stove!!

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Oh Eric Gagne… he was painful to watch for the Red Sox and from what I’ve heard, he was painful for you guys to watch as well (sorry ’bout that). Nice to see they’re giving McClung a try, hopefully it will work out!

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