Our road trip to meet Matt Holliday

Yesterday, Ballhawk Shawn (click here for his blog) and I made a road trip down to Rosemont, Illinois to meet Matt Holliday.  I wanted to go because a few years back, I caught Holliday’s 19th career home run at PNC Park. 

Of the 47 game home run baseballs I have snagged over the years, only 25 I’ve had signed by the players that hit them.

     Make it 26…
Holliday game home run.jpgMatt Holliday was laid back and cool (he was getting paid to be there) and was more than happy to inscribe the date (July 22, 2005) and the career # (19th Career HR).

He seemed interested that I had presented an actual game home run of his (probably doesn’t happen often) to be signed.

  Here’s a picture of me with the burly slugger…
Me, Matt Holliday and his home run.JPG

     Here’s Future Star Ballhawk Shawn with Matt Holliday…
Rosemont Sports Show 067.jpg
This day I would also meet Hall of Famer Paul Molitor.  Being the Brewers fan that I am, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to meet “Molly” again.

Here’s Pauly signing my 1982 World Series baseball…notice I’m keeping a watchful eye 🙂
Rosemont Sports Show 075.jpg
Finally, here’s Paul Molitor posing with The Happy Youngster…he doesn’t seem too interested, does he)?
Rosemont Sports Show 077.jpg
Good times had by all!

Here’s a random picture of my daughter and I (and Dora the Explorer) in the Brewers dugout this past baseball season…
Clara 2year pics 005.jpg

because she’s so freakin’ cool!


  1. Ballhawk Shawn


    This really was a blast. Seeing all the memorabilia was really fun… you didn’t even need to be a sports fan to appreciate a collection of items like that. And meeting Matt Holliday was even cooler! Thank you very much for letting me tag along! And thank you for the “future star” praise and for throwing a link to my blog up there as well! I really appreciate that!



  2. happyyoungster


    You’re welcome. Going to those shows really open one’s eyes to how big the sports memorabilia industry really is! It’s no wonder that players today are giving away their equipment less and less each year.
    Good luck blogging!


    Thanks for the compliment!
    My advice for aspiring ballhawks is this:
    1. Positioning (Can’t catch a homer in the upper deck)
    2. Glovework (Have to know what to do when the ball comes)
    3. Little bit of luck (always!)
    4. Determination (want it more than the next guy/gal)
    No particular order.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    No, but I should have.
    I asked him if he’s happy with the trade…He said, “I’m excited.” (I would be excited to make over ten million dollars, too 🙂

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