A memorabilia collector, too…2008!

corey hart file photo.jpg
Thought I would give props to the player(s) who contributed to our collection in 2008. These guys gave more than the customary baseball, handshake or hello. Although, those are very much appreciated, as well.

Corey Hart, rightfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, tossed these TPX batting gloves to me on Sunday, September 21st, 2008 while I was standing by the Brewers dugout at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.  The Brewers had just defeated the Redlegs 8-1.

I felt something inside the right glove. To my surprise, the blue rubber item shown in the picture was tucked inside.  It’s called a pro hitter.  It helps hitters keep the handle of the bat closer to their fingertips than their palms.  Pretty neat.  Thanks for the gloves, Corey.  Thanks for a memorable ’08 season, as well.

Thumbnail image for BLOG PICTURES102708 014.jpg
I will be posting my 2007 additions soon. 

Starting with the 2009 season, I will be blogging about each game I attend (lots of games).  Included but not limited to: baseballs retrieved, fan-player interactions, pictures and anything else I feel is cool.

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