The Milwaukee Brewers next manager is…

bob brenly.jpg

I’m pretty sure the man pictured above will be our next skipper…we’ll see.

As far as ballhawking is concerned, I’m already plotting my next moves, buying a new camera and checking out who has a milestone approaching.  Can’t wait to fetch a few more prized souvenirs. 


  1. kastandya

    I think your right! Macha should’ve took the job the first time and Randolph is being interviewed so the Brewers aren’t called racist. says Melvin plans to name the new manager right after the World Series. Can’t wait…go Rays!

    Also….sucks that we are losing Jack Z! I vote Happy Youngster as the next scouting director and assistant to the general manager!


  2. kastandya

    Bad news for us Brenly supporters! JSOnline is reporting today that Ken Macha is the front runner.

    If this is true, then I think that Doug Melvin may be on his way to making a huge mistake. Everything I’ve ever read about Macha screams Yost to me! “He’s a players coach,” and, “he was too soft on his players,” and, “lack of discipine in the clubhouse.”

    Now don’t get me wrong…I was opposed to firing Yost in the manner they did. (12 games to go?) I figured it was coming after the season! But everything that is being said about Macha’s managerial style is exactly what we dumped Yost for.

    I’d rather see Sveum back than Macha!

    I saw something else funny today. On the mailbag on, a fan suggested we fans start a “bring back C.C. Sabathia fund.” The reporter hinted that in order to match Johan Santana’s contract, each of the state of Wisconsin’s 5.6 million residents (that includes women and children) would have to contribute $25. I’m in!!

    Talked to my ticket guy today, renewals are coming out this week. And….the Andy’s are most likely bailing on me! That may mean that I’m upgrading on my own!!

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